Sam Smith Shares Body Positivity Message After Posing Shirtless For the First Time

Accepting your body right where you are can be hard to do, especially if you don't consider yourself in the best shape.  Sam Smith has been vocal about his struggles with his weight in the past but he seems to have found his way in a new post to instagram where he says:

Photo Of Funky Dineva's Feet During Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Pedicures Matter.  Funky Dineva's year is off to a rough start.  Literally.  Coming off the heels getting dragged by his hooves for talking about Blu Ivy's looks, Dineva is now getting dragged for having his feet out in a photo taken with TS Madison.  We get it, not everyone was born with cute feet so we won't say anything bad about his toes.  We're just passing this along.

Pics: Soulja Boy Talks Big Sh*t Cuz He Has A Big D*ck

Over the past week Soulja Boy has been called a lot of things.  A crackhead, a pioneer, a legend, big dracco, a fool, and cocky.  In the words of Beyonce, he has a big ego, and he talks like that cuz he can back it up.  Not only is he a millionaire, but he's a millionaire with a third leg. Maybe he feels like it will make up for his lack of lyrical content.  For whatever reason Soulja is right up there with the Game as for as dick pics that he's dropped to the internet.  We aren't mad, nor are we keeping count, we're just saying. 

Jussie Smollett Slips Us A Lil Nipple and Its Made Our Day

He's back in his Jamal Lyon gear and it looks like that requires him to bare his soul and his chest.  We're happy to see all he has to bring.

Bring It On! Guys Nail Clovers Cheerleading Squad Halloween Costume

Channeling Isis aka Gabrielle Union and the rest of the Clovers, Jamal and his friends really got into the Halloween spirit with this fully realized idea.  They even did a full cheer routine!  Check it out below.  Also tell the one with the beard to call us, we trying to see something...

Illustrator King T. Handy Re-imagines Our Favorite Cartoon Characters As Black

King T. Handy is illustrator that came across our desk and we're giving him a shout out.  His work is pretty dope!  He's re-imagined some of your favorite childhood cartoons and shows us what their black versions would have looked like.  Hey Arnold, Rick and Morty, Family Guy and even The Simpsons all get melanated.  Take a look at the pics below and be sure to support his work!

In Case You Missed It Akbar Abdul-Ahad's D*ck Pics

Akbar Abdul-Ahad allegedly leaked his ex-girlfriend’s sex tape. — Teairra Mari, a Love & Hip Hop cast member, has accused him of taking over her Instagram account and posting her own sex tape on the social media site. Now she is suing him and his friend, 50 Cent, who she too accused of exposing an “obscene photo” of her, with her attorney, Hollywood heavyweight, Lisa Bloom. Abdul-Ahad has denied the vile act. On May 18, he provided The Wendy Williams show with footage of Teairra smashing the front windshield of his car.

Rapper Tyga's D*ck Pics Leaked By Angry Ex Girlfriend

Tyga is having a great day.  He's trending on Twitter, he's currently on Nicki Minaj's Queen radio where the two have made up and he's got new music for us to listen to.  To celebrate we've pulled out some pics that leaked around the time he was dating Kylie Jenner.  Speaking of Kylie he took time to drag her on Queen radio and called his ex out for appropriating black culture. He also said Young Money owes him some Old Money, as in royalties for his music to the tune of a few million. Back to his pics though, he might have to change his name to Big Tyga.

This Fitness Instructor's Meat Print Has Us Distracted

This is why you have to be suspicious when bae wants to spend extra time in the gym. 

This Picture Of Tyson Beckford In His Boxers Has Us Distracted

Does Tyson even model anymore?  Like when was the last time he was in a major campaign?  Do we care?  Not really.  He mostly just posts half clothed pictures of himself on Instagram.  We are here for it.