Michael Bae Jordan and His Abs Cover Essence Magazine

Fresh off his huge role as Kilmonger in Black Panther Michael B Jordan is headed to HBO for a new feature film and thats all great but we are really here for that chest and those abs.  Its good to seem him without all those scales he had in Black Panther.  I don't know how often he's in the gym but it looks like its all day every day.  Twitter was just as hot over these pics as we were.

Wiz Khalifa Shows Off His Gains

Look who got some muscles!  Wiz shows what he looks like with a lil more meat on his bones. 

How To Tell If You're Really Gay

This is accurate

Backstreet Boys Dress Up As The Spice Girls and Now We're Feeling Double The Nostalgia

As rumors continue to swirl about a possible Spice Girls reunion, we can at least say we’ve received the next best thing: the Backstreet Boys dressing up as their 90s icon counterparts.

The five piece man-band donned platform shoes and mini dresses while on stage for a fan cruise this week. And we love them for it.

The four-night extravaganza took place on the Carnival Sensation. It was sailing from Miami, Florida to Grand Turk Island in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Artist Icametosin Illustrates Erotic Bearded and Tatted Men Of Color

They are thick too!  Here to fill a void in the erotic art department, Illustrator Mikhail aka Icametosin is bringing the meat and the color.  His prints are vibrant, sexy and modern and we might be ordering a few for our own collection soon!  Check out some of our favorite designs of his here.  Be sure to follow him on social media


and hit up his shop at:

Thick Sag: Waka Flacka

These Pics Of Vinny Watson Have Us Distracted

Well most of Vinny's pics have us distracted...ok all of them.  But I mean wouldn't you be distracted too?  Is friend Deven is fine too.  We're easily distracted as you can tell. 

He Says He Hurt Is Ankle But That's Not What We Focused On

We feel really bad that he hurt his ankle, good thing the rest of him survived. 

Easter Egg Hunt: This Guy Looks Like He's Hiding All The Eggs In His Butt

If this isn't where all the eggs are this is where we are gonna start looking, and finish looking.  We have questions though.  Was him wearing this a dare?  Do we really care tho?

Thirst Trap Thursdays: Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky

The only person I ever remembered from Pretty Ricky was Spectacular, so when Blue showed up on Love and Hip Hop Miami I was like "who?" We're still like "Who?" but now we want to know why he has on 80 chains and a scull cap.