He Says He Hurt Is Ankle But That's Not What We Focused On

We feel really bad that he hurt his ankle, good thing the rest of him survived. 

Easter Egg Hunt: This Guy Looks Like He's Hiding All The Eggs In His Butt

If this isn't where all the eggs are this is where we are gonna start looking, and finish looking.  We have questions though.  Was him wearing this a dare?  Do we really care tho?

Thirst Trap Thursdays: Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky

The only person I ever remembered from Pretty Ricky was Spectacular, so when Blue showed up on Love and Hip Hop Miami I was like "who?" We're still like "Who?" but now we want to know why he has on 80 chains and a scull cap.  

Ja Rule Drops Birthday Pics of Him Looking Like A 5 Course Meal

Ja Rule may not be in the studio but he has been in the gym.  Rule's birthday is Feb 29 but since it only comes around every 4 years he celebrated his 41st bday by posting how well he's aging.  He must be drinking whatever serum Angela Bassett found because he still looks like he did back in the day.  Just with more muscles.