Sugar Daddy's Website Crashes After Announcement of New IPhones

Sugar Daddy's website experienced issues for hours due to heavy online traffic following the announcement of the new Iphones. According to, Sugar has been experiencing issues since around 2:05PM ET yesterday, with a large spike in reports immediately after the new phones were announced.

Shortage of Fleet Enemas In DC Threaten To Cripple Black Gay Pride Activities

As thousands descend upon DC for its annual black pride festivies, something other than the weekend's forecast for rain may put a damper on the celebration. Local retailers are stuggling to keep up with the demand for what many call a pride must have.  A Fleet Enema.

"We just can't keep them on the shelves" local CVS manager Kimberely Martin told us. "As soon as we put them out they're gone.  I saw one man come in and grab 10 at a time."

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