Gay Music Artist Wears Pro Trump Suit To Grammy

We recently posted an article about how white gays increasing vote against LGBT interests and here's walking proof. 

Gay artist Ricky Rebel stepped on to the Grammy red carpet Sunday night with pro-Trump fashion choices and wore it with pride.

Rebel wore a white suit with metallic detailing, accompanied with ostentatious metallic glasses. Above the suit, he donned a navy blue jacket with pro-Trump messaging. The words on the jacket included Trump’s name, as well as ‘Keep America Great’.

Lena Waithe Slays In Rainbow Cape At 2018 Met Gala

For a Met Gala theme centered around religion, Lena Waithe managed to inject the red carpet with a little bit of politics tonight. The openly gay actress and writer lit up Twitter by wearing a rainbow cape by Carolina Herrera (now helmed by designer Wes Gordon) – and we just can't help but slow clap.

"Rounderbottoms" Help You Fill Out Your Jeans In The Back and Front

First the male lace front and now this.  How would you feel if you started undressing your date and realize what you thought was a nice size bulge was styrofoam?  

Rounderbum began to change the world in men´s undergarments. With a growing trend of men who take care of their appearance, Rounderbum® created a men's line specially for those who want to look more attractive, athletic and are in need of body enhancing underwear.

Siir Brock Launches New Clothing Line "Just Love"

Unlike his ex who prefers to be naked, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's Siir Brock is hoping you'll put his clothes on as he launches his new line "Just Love".  We already see a few items we're going to have to cop like his "Acceptance" Tee.  Brock is making conscious clothing as the About Us Page states: