Flaw In Jack'd Dating App Now Exposing Users Private and Hidden Pictures

Via The Register: Dating-slash-hook-up app Jack'd is exposing to the public internet intimate snaps privately swapped between its users, allowing miscreants to download countless X-rated selfies without permission.

The phone application, installed more than 110,000 times on Android devices and also available for iOS, lets primarily gay and bi men chat each other up, exchange private and public pics, and arrange to meet.

Both Uber Rider and Driver App Have Crashed Worldwide

Multiple sources are reporting both the Uber driver and Uber rider app are currently down with users from as far as Argentina to Kenya not being able to log on, accept rides, or request a trip.  Users have also reported that Uber Support is down as well.  

The outage comes days after the rideshare company announced it would soon seek an IPO.  

Uber filed paperwork last Thursday to go public, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, officially moving toward what is expected to be one of the biggest and most anticipated tech company stock market debuts ever.

Uber Driver and Rider App Down Worldwide

Multiple sources are reporting both the Uber driver and Uber rider app are currently down with users from as far as Argentina to Kenya

Tumblr To Ban All Adult Content Starting December 17th

Tumblr, one of the oldest and largest blogging platforms on the web, has announced it will ban adult content. Starting Dec. 17, “adult content will not allowed on Tumblr, regardless of how old you are,” said a post on the Tumblr Help Center. If users find any adult content, they can report it for Tumblr, who can take down the content or ban or purge the account. Tumblr blogs that have been labeled as “explicit” will also have to abide by the new rules.

Former Facebook Employee Says Company is "Failing Its Black Employees and Users"

A former Facebook employee is criticizing the social media giant over its apparent lack of diversity, arguing the company’s population of Black employees doesn’t adequately represent its Black consumer base.

Tumblr Deletes 54% of NSFW Pages Overnight In Massive Crackdown

Last Friday, the app for the blogging site Tumblr quietly disappeared from the iOS App Store, with no apparent explanation. Last night the site began deleting profiles removing over 54% of tumblrs with adult content.

Latest Grindr Security Breach Exposes Users Location, HIV Status and Sexual Position

Grindr’s security issues are once again in the spotlight as a third party app pinpointed users’ exact location.

Despite constant reassurances from the app about the difficulties of exploiting their location technology, the latest security breach revealed how malicious parties can locate users.

Discovered by blog Queer Europe, they used a third-party app called ‘F*ckr’. It hacks into the company’s private API and uses a technique called trilateration, giving the precise location of its users.

iOS 12 AR May Not Accurately Measure Your Penis

iOS 12 is out and it brings a slew of new features with it, including the ability to measure objects in Augmented Reality.

Unsurprisingly, people on the internet jumped on the dick jokes immediately. But be warned — if you're going to use the Measure app to get a read on your meat, it may not be that accurate.

While everyone seems to be having a great time measuring everything from coffee cups to cats today — we're not 100 per cent sure how accurate they are.

Grindr To Start Moderating Profiles That Say "No Fats, Fems, Asians or Blacks"

You'll now have to be racist in private!  Dating app Grindr today launched its new ‘Kindr’ initiative. The project arrives in response to complaints from some users after experiencing racist, body-shaming or stigmatizing language.

Grindr announced Kindr a few weeks ago, but provided scant details as to what the project would entail.

Man Creates App To Reveal Who Blocked You Grindr

A tech professional created an online tool that allows Grindr users to see who has blocked them.

Trever Faden told Queerty on Saturday that he created the online site C*ckblocked mainly for his own entertainment after spotting loopholes in the app’s coding.

‘About two weeks ago I discovered that Grindr actually gives each user the profile IDs of all the users who blocked you on the app. They don’t display it anywhere on the actual app itself, but the data is there.’

Washington DC-based Faden says discovering who had blocked had been surprising.