Transwoman Says Man She Met On PlentyofFish Stabbed Her After Meeting

A Transwoman says she was stabbed by a man she met on Plenty Of Fish.  IsTenia Williams said she and the man began chatting on Plenty Of Fish and decided to meet.  She says she explained that she was a transwoman before they met up.  Things changed when he arrived.  Read her account below:

Transgenders Sue New York Fried Chicken Spot For Refusing To Serve Them

A fried chicken shop in New York is being sued by a group of transgender people who were refused service in the restaurant.

Five transgender and gender non-conforming women attempted to order food at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Harlem in May, but were told what they wanted was unavailable by an employee.

After the group stepped aside, the same staff member immediately served a white cis-gendered male the same order.

One member of the group captured video footage of the incident on their mobile phone.

Woman Who Shot and Killed Transwoman Gets Only 100 Days In Jail For Not Having Gun Permit

A 33-year-old woman who killed her friend in a downtown Portland shooting in May had a murder charge against her dismissed and was sentenced to 100 days in jail Thursday after admitting to not having a concealed handgun license at the time.

Man Finds The Strength To Come Out As Gay After Twin Comes Out As Trans

Identical twin brothers are now brother and sister, after Jada transitioned into a woman - it was also through watching his sister transition that gave twin brother Miguel the confidence to come out as gay

Transwoman Sasha Garden, Killed In Orlando

Friends and family are mourning the loss of a transgender woman killed overnight on Holden Avenue in Orange County.

“She was a very outgoing person, very outspoken,” said Mulan Montrese Williams, who knew the victim. 
"Somewhat of a firecracker.”

Williams met Sasha Garden two years ago through mutual friends.

They got to know each other better while at Williams’ trans empowerment group meetings.

Around 7 a.m. Thursday, Williams got an unexpected knock at the door.

Deputies were trying to identify a person killed just down the street.

Laverne Cox Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Her Boyfriend

Actor Laverne Cox has just celebrated her one year anniversary with her mystery boyfriend Kyle Draper.

The Orange Is the New Black star has been dating Draper for a year, but little is known about her other half.

Writing on Instagram on Tuesday, Cox said: “Happy 1 year anniversary babe. I love you so much”

Draper is CEO of record label Mateo Sound, and a founder of real estate firm Serene Team.\

Cox posts about Draper every so often on Instagram, including a photo of the couple on a date night in June.

Janet Mock Makes History As First Transwoman Of Color To Direct A TV Show

Activist and writer Janet Mock made history on Sunday, when the episode of Pose she wrote and directed aired on FX to virtually unanimous acclaim.

MRI's Show Transgender Person's Brain Closely Matches The Gender They Identify With and Not Their Biological Gender

People questioning their gender identity could be offered brain scans to determine whether they are transgender, according to a study.

Research has revealed for the first time evidence that the brain activity of people who feel they inhabit the wrong body closely resembles that of the -gender they want to embrace.

Analysis of around 160 participants showed that biological males with gender dysphoria — the experience of discomfort or distress due to their biological sex — had a brain structure and neurological patterns similar to biological females, and vice versa.

Man Arrested For Murder of Dallas Transwoman

An arrest has been made in the murder of 26-year-old Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, a transgender Dallas woman who died after being found unconscious in her apartment last week.

Investigators said Thursday 24-year-old Jimmy Eugene Johnson III was taken into custody in Walker County during a traffic stop; Dallas police said they'd developed him as a suspect and placed a notice on his vehicle.

Dallas homicide detectives traveled to Walker County to interview Johnson, who police said waived his Miranda rights and agreed to speak with police.

Mya and Kennedy Power: Don't allow being transgender to scare you from creating a family'

Via gaystarnews: Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power are hoping to inspire transgender people to not be afraid of starting a family.

Mya, who identifies as a trans woman, and Kennedy, who identifies as a trans man, say being proud of who you are is the first step.

Mya came out as trans at the age of 15 and continued her transition until she was about 20.

Then she stopped for two reasons.