NY Fashion Week Show By Marco Marco Uses All Trans Models

Underwear brand Marco Marco have made headlines with their all-trans selection of models for their NYC Fashion Week show.

Laith Ashley, who also served as a Pit Crew member on RuPaul’s Drag Race this year, was among the group.

‘I could cry right now’
He took to his Instagram Stories to gush about the opportunity, saying: ‘I could cry right now.’

He furthermore continued: ‘Thank u fellas for being an inspiration and making history.’

Photographer Andrew Werner snapped the models backstage, capturing the above shot and sharing it on Instagram yesterday.

Philadelphia Transwoman Shantee Tucker The 19th Transwoman Killed This Year

A week after two transgender women — one in Chicago and one in Shreveport — were murdered in one day, Philadelphia magazine is reporting that a trans woman has been murdered in Philly.

According to police reports, officers responding to a shooting call at 4300 Old York Road at 1:05 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 5, found the body of 30-year-old Shantee Tucker. Tucker had been shot in the back; she was taken to Temple Hospital where Dejanay Stanton

Category Is Deep Sea Realness: Amiyah Scott Slays Mermaid Photoshoot

Serving you Tuna of the sea, fresh out the ocean.  She didn't wash up on to the shore, the shore washed up to her!  Amiyah is giving Ariel a run for her money in this photo for @projectmermaids which is a social media campaign to help promote ocean and beach conservation. 

Transwoman Says Bank Froze Her Account Because She "Sounds Like A Man"

A transgender woman's bank account was frozen after a phone banking system identified her voice as a man's.

Distraught Sophia Reis, 47, from Carlton, said she was left "humiliated and embarrassed" and is now fighting with the bank to ensure that other transgender people aren't treated the same.

Miss Reis, who moved to Nottingham 18 years ago, said she informed Santander last November that she would no longer be named Sergio on the account.

We Have To Stop Shaming Men Who Date Trans Women

With the recent outing of Young Buck,Tyga and Bobby Valentino there is still a stigma about men who date trans women.  These stigmas have repercussions that extend well beyond shock gossip and site views and often lead to violence against trans women and the men who love them.

Transwoman Leaks S*x Tape Of Her and Rapper Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck is in the news, after someone released a "diss track" against him that included an alleged s*x tape. The tape purports to show the Nashville rapper in bed together with a transgender woman.

The video was leaked over the weekend and quickly went viral. In the video, a man is seen having relations with a trans woman but the man's face is not visible by the camera. 

Shortly after the s*x tape was leaked, a music video was put out. The video showed ALLEGED receipts - including text messages purportedly sent by Young Buck

Transwoman Says Man She Met On PlentyofFish Stabbed Her After Meeting

A Transwoman says she was stabbed by a man she met on Plenty Of Fish.  IsTenia Williams said she and the man began chatting on Plenty Of Fish and decided to meet.  She says she explained that she was a transwoman before they met up.  Things changed when he arrived.  Read her account below:

Transgenders Sue New York Fried Chicken Spot For Refusing To Serve Them

A fried chicken shop in New York is being sued by a group of transgender people who were refused service in the restaurant.

Five transgender and gender non-conforming women attempted to order food at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Harlem in May, but were told what they wanted was unavailable by an employee.

After the group stepped aside, the same staff member immediately served a white cis-gendered male the same order.

One member of the group captured video footage of the incident on their mobile phone.

Woman Who Shot and Killed Transwoman Gets Only 100 Days In Jail For Not Having Gun Permit

A 33-year-old woman who killed her friend in a downtown Portland shooting in May had a murder charge against her dismissed and was sentenced to 100 days in jail Thursday after admitting to not having a concealed handgun license at the time.

Man Finds The Strength To Come Out As Gay After Twin Comes Out As Trans

Identical twin brothers are now brother and sister, after Jada transitioned into a woman - it was also through watching his sister transition that gave twin brother Miguel the confidence to come out as gay