Woman Says She Was Kicked Out Of Drake's House For Being Trans Then Invited Back Later For Sex

Popular YouTuber Nikita Dragun has said she was kicked out of a party hosted by a famous rapper because she’s trans—only to later be propositioned by the star.

In a video posted on Wednesday (November 21), the beauty vlogger told her more than 1.9 million subscribers that while at a rapper’s Los Angeles-based Halloween party last year told her soon after she arrived that she needed to “leave right the f**k now.”

The 22-year-old YouTuber said she informed the man that he was being “disrespectful” to her and her friends, one of whom is also trans.

We Have To Stop Shaming Men Who Like To Date Trans Women

With the recent outing of Dwight Howard, Young Buck,Tyga and Bobby Valentino there is still a stigma about men who date trans women.  These stigmas have repercussions that extend well beyond shock gossip and site views and often lead to violence against trans women and the men who love them.

Gay Man Says He Was In A Romantic Relationship With Dwight Howard

Masin Elije says Dwight Howard and his pastor threatened him with violence if he didn't keep quiet.

Watch: Twin Sisters Transition Into Twin Brothers

IDENTICAL twin brothers who were born female both transitioned gender at the same time. Identical twins Angel and Fabian Griffin do everything together: they are both aspiring rappers, they train together at the gym, are each other’s wingman on a night out and both drive trucks for a living. But most dramatically, in their early twenties, both made the decision to transition from female to male.

Transwoman Wins Lawsuit Against Dept of Corrections After Being Kept As "Sex Slave" In Prison

The transgender woman described feeling like a “sex slave” while incarcerated at several men’s prisons across Illinois, claiming repeated abuse and sexual assaults involving guards and inmates, according to court documents.

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton has sued the Illinois Department of Corrections multiple times in the past year seeking a rarely issued transfer to a women’s prison, where she believes she would be safer as she serves a 10-year sentence for burglary.

Video: 4 Transwomen Charged With Beating Man Who Called Them A Homophobic Slur

Tylah-Jo Bryan, 22, Michael O’Docherty (aka Tamzin Lush), 27, and Amarnih Lewis-Daniel, 22, subjected their victim to the brutal assault at Leicester Square Underground station, in London’s West End. Hannah Bryan, 22, who has four children, also took part in the assault at around 2.15am following a ‘minor provocation’. The women were said to have kicked, punched and stamped on the victim.

Prosecutor Julian Pozimski described the incident as ‘severe violence’, adding the victim suffered cuts and a black eye and was taken to hospital. All the defendants admitted violent disorder.

Parents Protest Skating Rink At Trans Kids Kicked Out of "Boys Only" Skate Night

Two transgender boys said they kicked out of a rollerskating venue in Iowa after joining a single-gender session.

The incident reportedly took place last week at a Super Skate located in Cedar Rapids and was first publicly reported by a friend of one of the children’s mothers, who wrote about it in a Facebook post on October 27.

In the post, the woman alleged that the DJ asked the two boys to leave the floor, telling them “it’s not a social experiment.” The boys’ parents allegedly attempted to confront the owner over the treatment received, but they were told to leave.

Trans Student Blocked From Both Locker Rooms During Safety Drill

An alarming day for a young, transgender girl after she was barred from using both the boys' and girls' locker room.

During a lock down safety drill at her middle school in Stafford County, last week the LGBTQ rights group Equality Stafford says she was forced to sit alone on the bleachers and then in the hall while everyone else in her physical education class at a Stafford County middle school took shelter in locker rooms.

The teachers were apparently debating which locker room would be appropriate for her.

Transwoman Stabbed To Death In Chicago After Arguement

A transgender woman who was found dead with stab wounds late Wednesday in the West Garfield Park neighborhood is believed to have been killed by a person she was arguing with, according to a statement from Chicago police.

At 9:28 p.m., the 31-year-old was with a male inside an abandoned building in the 4500 block of West Adams, police said. As a disagreement between them flared up, he proceeded to stab her and then leave her body in the backyard of the building.

Trans Teen Allowed To Run For Homecoming Queen After Launching Online Petition

A transgender high school student who said she “worked so hard to be comfortable” with herself and planned to challenge herself by running for homecoming queen was initially told by her principal that she wasn’t allowed. However, after a successful petition, Marquis Monroe has the same chance as every other girl in school to claim the homecoming crown.