From Self-Identified Tomboy To “Definitely 100% Gay” In First 72 Hours Of College.

On the first day of college, Keisha Price identified simply as a tomboy. But a mere 72 hours after meeting her “gay spirit guide”, she was “definitely 100% gay.”  

Encountering Homophobia at a Networking Event: “I Wasn’t Going To Let People Devalue Me.”

Though Marc Coleman is openly gay and happily married, he wasn’t always forthcoming about his personal life in professional settings. This changed for the better, however, after he experienced homophobia at a networking event.

Video: "I'm Black, I'm Gay, and I'm A Minister. Who Are You To Judge?"

Imagine a world where people aren't defined by their deficits, but rather they are acknowledged for their aspirations. Where people are in control of their narratives and are celebrated for being their authentic selves. It takes courage to grow up and become who we really are, beyond all conditioned social norms, and to stand against the tide that seeks to diminish us. In 2016, Benjamin Carlton made the brave decision to come out as a black gay minister in a article that generated national discussion.

Shekinah Jo Reads Gay Guy That Hopped On Her Live "You're not a top either"

I don't know what he said to Shekinah to get her in such a mood but he probably shouldn't do it again. 

Watch: Bella Noche Gives Us The Funniest Gay Dear Diary Video Ever "I Just Wanted Him To Play In My Waterfall"

We've all been there right?  You invite someone over with the intention of studying but you really just want them to rearrage your walls.  Bella_Noche wrote a dairy entry recalling such an experience and its the funniest thing we've seen today. 

If you aren't following Bella_Noche head on over to Instagram and hit the button.  

DC Settles Lawsuit Where Man Said He Was Fingered By Police Officer During Body Search

The city of Washington, D.C., is settling a lawsuit with a black man who accused a D.C. police officer of repeatedly probing his anal cavity during a weapons search.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced last week that Washington admits no wrongdoing and will pay an undisclosed amount to M.B. Cottingham. The ACLU and the 40-year-old Cottingham sued police in July over the September 2017 search by Officer Sean Lojacono, who denies inappropriately touching Cottingham.

Video: "I'm Not Gay Like That" Gay Guy Tries To Turn Out His Straight Friend And Fails

Didn't really know how to tackle this when we first saw it.  On one hand this is every straight guy with gays friends nightmare right?  This is their justification for not wanting to be friends with us in the first place.  Even though they do similar things to women all the time, but thats another post.  This is wrong.  There are so many 100% gay and bi guys that will happily let you bust it wide open that you don't have to go around trying to trick a straight or possibly straight person into drunk shenanigans.  

Video of Vinny Watson Smashing His Ex Jah Jackson Leaks

We're saying alleged because even though it looks like them, it still may not be, but it does look like them.  We're also saying Vinny's ex because they've both deleted each others pictures off their Instagram accounts and that usually signals a break up.  We really wanna know why either of them is putting out video content for money seeing as they both have money but I guess thats how the rich stay rich.  We give the scene a 7 out of 10 though. 

Phoenix Presents: 5 Annoying Things Only Gay Men Will Understand

Vlogger Phoenix's Life gives us 5 Annoying Things Only Gay Men Will Understand and for the most part he's absolutely right!  Do you agree with his list? 

Voice Contestant Tyshawn Colquitt Says Doing Gay Adult Films For Global Bros Got Him Eliminated

Everything lives forever on the internet, especially if the videos were made a few months ago.  Voice contestant 

Via Radar Online: 

The Voice eliminated contestant Tyshawn Colquitt‘s secret gay past has caught up with him, and in an exclusive interview with, the 23-year-old former hopeful said he believes he got booted for all the wrong reasons.

“I feel like my elimination was not fair. I hate that my dark past took this opportunity away from me and my family,” he alleged.