Todrick Hall's "Bring It On-Ball or Nothing" Gives Gay Twist To Bring It On Franchise

Hailed as the film that "topped" the box office, Todrick's Bring It On Parody is what we needed this week.  Who will take home the top prize when two teams go head to head or bottom to bottom.  Who knows!  Check out Todricks hilarious trailer below. 

Jussie Smollett At First Concert Since Attack: "Be Blacker, Be Gayer"

Jussie Smollett already had a show scheduled at the Troubadour in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles before he was attacked on Jan. 29 in a racist and homophobic hate crime. Fortunately, his doctors gave him the okay to perform. The actor and singer passionately spoke to the audience last night and even said, “I’m the gay 2Pac.”

What Polar Vortex? Man Videos Himself Snow Blowing Shirtless

Is this how they doing things in the 716?  It may be just 8 degrees In Buffalo but Stephen Foreman says that was not going to stop him from snow blowing, and doing it shirtless.  In a video that has already been viewed over 200,000 times he boasts about being able to handle the cold.  We don't know whats in the water in Buffalo but we could sure use some of it later when we have to head back out into the chill.  

Tarek Ali Finally Comes Out To His Dad After 10 Years Of Avoiding The Conversation

Coming out is never easy.

Tarek writes: 

Umm..not really much to say in a description. I think the title says enough. Good or Bad I am happy that I did this video. finally coming out to my dad. I am here to start the conversation 

He Said Yes! Watch The Beautiful Moment These Morehouse Grads Got Engaged

8 years ago Joty & Robert met at a social justice conference. Coincidentally, they found out that they both had been accepted and agreed to attend Morehouse College. Like many gay couples, Joty and Robert were faced with the social and religious stigma that their relationship presented. Yet, their perserveance to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship is what helped them get to this point.

“Sometimes I'm A Woman, Sometimes A Man. Most Of The Time I'm Neither. Sometimes I’m Both.”

Throughout their life, Erin Busbee was regularly perceived to be a boy. While they wrestled with how comfortable they were with this perception, Erin eventually learned to embrace the fluidity of their gender.

How A Christina Aguilera Song Impacted A Gay Teen’s Life

When Courtney Walton was a teen, he was riding in the car with his family. After putting on a Christina Aguilera song, his dad referenced two men kissing in the music video of the song and exclaimed, “Yuck!”, which set Court on his decade-long coming out journey. 

Video: The Boo Gay Man Is Scary and Hiding In Your Closet!

Ever wonder whats in your closet? what happens when you realize the Boogey man is a lot scarier then you think. Brent Star is The BooGay Man.

Gay Event Planner Says Fyre Festival Founder Asked Him To Give Head In Exchange For Water Bottles

A prominent New York City event production planner claims he was ordered to perform a sex act on a government official by Fyre festival founder Billy McFarland.

Andy King, who is the co-founder and creative director of Inward Point, reveals in the new Netflix documentary Fyre that days before the festival was set to kick off, McFarland was informed that customs would not release the four 18-wheeler trucks filled with Evian he had shipped to the Bahamas until a $175,000 custom fee was paid. 

7 Eleven Employees Attack Black Gay Man With Wet Floor Sign

We wish we knew what led up to this but none of that justifies them hitting him with wet floor signs.  Its 7 Eleven.