Trans Personal Trainer Uses Dumbbells and Muscles To Tackle Stigmas

A transgender Personal Trainer is taking bodybuilding competitions by storm and proving that gender has no relevance when it comes to getting ripped.  Get to know Thomas Murrell.

Male Pole Dancer Gets The Golden Buzzer On “Israel’s Got Talent”

Dancer Niv Grados wowed the crowd on Israel’s Got Talent with a sexy pole dance, wearing nothing but black tights and stiletto heels. What makes his performance all the more impressive is that he did it to The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”.
The judges were so impressed that Grados got a standing ovation and even the coveted golden buzzer, which automatically sent him to the finals.

This Guy Shaking Up His Protein Drink Has Us Distracted

It won't take long to figure out why.  The real question is who is recording this and why?  We're not complaining we're just curious.  We also need whatever is in that cup because if it will get us looking like that we need all of it.  This is what would get us going to Planet Fitness or Gold's Gym.  No one in my gym looks like this.  If they did I'd be there 24/7.  

These Guys Singing Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" is Squad Goals

Seriously, this is my friends and I whenever this song...or any other song comes on.  If we can't sing off key to Mariah Carey's love ballads then we can't be friends and I have no room for you in my life.  

Basketball Player Uses His Butt To Knock Over Another Player

They say you have to use what you got to get what you want.  This player wanted to stop him in his tracks and that's what he did.  

This Football Player's Cheeks Slipping Out Of His Pants Has Us Distracted

His pants are either the right size or the wrong size.  Either way they are hitting him in every spot they are supposed to be.  Sign him ASAP!  He'll be another reason for us to tune in. 

This Guy Jogging On A Treadmill Has Us Distracted

The gym is always full of eye candy.  This guy is putting in work on the treadmill.  From the looks of it, his hard work is paying off too.  

Gay Couple Shares How They Make Money Off Being Instagram Famous In New Vice Documentary

Rick Twombley and Griff King are celebrities on gay Instagram, and they’ve found a way to monetize their sexy selfies. The married couple posts workout videos, cooking demonstrations, NSFW photo galleries and relationship advice on a subscription-based site called OnlyFans. On this episode of Fameish, VICE meets up with them in their Atlanta home and finds out what it’s like to sell a gay dream.

Keyshia Cole's 2 Gay Brothers To Appear On Next Episode of Iyanla Fix My Life

The latest season of Iyanla Fix My Life has already kicked off with more mess and drama and the next couple of episodes are continuing the trend.  In what will be a two episode fix ,the life coach works with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright, a former hip-hop executive who lost it all and turned to drugs to numb his pain. However, Mickey's suffering is tied to something much deeper than a fallen career: his father's murder at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.

Watch: In Bonus LHH Miami Clip Jeffrey Sits Down With His Dad JT Money

In an exclusive clip gay cast member Jeffrey sits down with his father JT Money for a heart to heart about the music business, family, love and their estranged relationship.  Check it out below as the two reconnect.