Taedatea Cries Tears Of Joy After Strict Top Finally Lets Him Smash

#Versegayproblems. Forreal.  One of the things about being verse and dealing with someone who is either a strict top or a strict bottom is that you get urges for what they aren't giving you.  But oh how sweet it is when they decide to switch it up and give you what you've been missing.  We feel you Tae we really do.  If you aren't already following him do so now!

This Guy Dancing Around Has Us Distracted

We were doing good because its Sunday and we were trying to keep the day holy.  Then this video popped up.  He seems to have good taste in music from the posters on the wall so there's that. 

This Guy Taking Down His Pillow Has Us Distracted

If there's one good thing that came out of Chris Brown's career it was that Take You Down song and the videos that followed.  

ComingOut: Gautam's Story | Being Gay In India

Gautam hails from humble beginnings. Gautam was bullied throughout his childhood, being called names like 'girl, eunuch, and hijra'. Thankfully, when he told his parents about his sexuality, they stood by him like a rock. Coming from a humble background, Gautam's dad is a rickshaw driver in Delhi, but supports his son completely. And it's a good thing, too, because Gautam didn't know there was one more major speed bump around the corner.

This Video of Reality Stars of "Ibiza Weekender" Fresh Out of The Shower Has Us Distracted

Ibiza Weekender is a British reality television series following a group of 18-24 year olds spending a weekend at a hotel resort on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Previously, the show was named The Magaluf Weekender and was located at Lively Hotel in Magaluf, located on the Balearic Island of Mallorca, from Series 1–3. In Series 4, the show relocated to Ibiza, and was renamed Ibiza Weekender.

We could care less about any of that.  

He's got the whole house distracted! 

Webseries "Ghosts of Fort Greene" Uncovers The Dark Secrets Brothers Keep

Hop (Bry'nt) and Skip (William Perry) are boys since middle school in this story about friendship. After witnessing a murder in their neighborhood and haunted by their own individual personal baggage, dark secrets are revealed as they each come to view the other with new eyes as they try to survive together on the streets of Fort Greene.

directed x lamont pierré
written x lamont pierré and geno brooks

Watch: Marquis Revlon Gives You A Hand Performance You Won't Forget

There's a reason he's a legendary icon.  Well 2 reasons.  Those hands!  

New Viceland Show "My House" Follows New York's Ballroom Scene

Take a look into the world of New York's queer vogue ballroom scene. Follow the lives of 4 fabulous voguers and 1 incredible commentator as they prepare to compete, face personal challenges and strive to take their lives to the next level.

Being Black And Gay In The Workplace: “Be The Best You As Possible, But Also Just Be You.”

As a child, Joseph Harris was told that as a Black man in America, he would have to work twice as hard to succeed in life. When he entered the workplace as an out gay man, he worried that his sexual orientation would be an additional barrier to success. Luckily - and humorously - he quickly learned that the latter would not be an issue at his first job.

Gay Couple Starts Dry Humping On Stage During College Talent Show

They say this is supposed to be a part of a "sex positive presentation that the school does every year.  What it really looks like is what comes on Cinemax after 1 am.  I need to sign up for what ever club or class it is that puts this on.  Is this an elective or a required course?