Gay Couple Starts Dry Humping On Stage During College Talent Show

They say this is supposed to be a part of a "sex positive presentation that the school does every year.  What it really looks like is what comes on Cinemax after 1 am.  I need to sign up for what ever club or class it is that puts this on.  Is this an elective or a required course?  

This Bartender Mixing Up Drinks Has Us Distracted

In the infamous words of R&B singer Ginuwine "Is there any more room for me in those jeans?"  I don't think there is.  This is why bars tend to hire attractive bartenders because he would be getting all my money. 

Gay Film Stars Compete in Wet Speedo Contest

Bust The Windows Out Yo Car - Fight Between Two Ex Gay Lovers Ends With Violence

Via Icon Bambi

As we read from someone in the comments, this is why you don't fight with people who have nothing to lose.  If you wanna fight lets go, but there's no need to bust up my car or your car.  Theres no need to bust up someone else's car who has nothing to do with your beef, but this is why you have to know who you have riding with you, people are crazy these days.  

Personal Trainer Lamont Johnson Shows He's Caked Up In New Video

And what beautiful assets they are!  I'm about to book a flight to wherever he is.  That will be frequent flyer miles well spent.  

Tiffany Pollard aka New York Joins Madison For New Queens Court Episode

New York is in the MotherF**king building! If the comments are any proof of its success people love New York and she and Maddie have great chemistry!  Should she become the permanent co host or should Madison continue to have a different guest host every week?  

That Time Teyana Taylor Posted A Video Of Iman Shumpert's Eggplant On Snapchat

Snapchat's stock may be on the decline since Rihanna asked users to leave but the app has brought us some great gems.  Exhibit A.  A couple of years ago Teyana Taylor dropped some pretty revealing photos of her husband Iman Shumpert and his baby maker.  We don't know whether they did this on purpose but its not like its something you can ignore.  

This Guy Thirst Trapping After He Gets Off An Elevator Is Our New Favorite Video

We just need to know what building this is so we can be waiting for him the next time he steps off.  Don't ask us what the point of this video is because we don't know.  Maybe it was hot in the elevator.  

This Video of Odell Beckham Jr Working Out With His Meat Swinging Has Us Distracted

There will never not be a time where his videos aren't fun to watch.  He always looks like he's having a good time no matter what he does and maybe thats why he gets so much hate.  People just don't like to see you happy.  We just love being able to look at him!

This Guy Sticking His Tongue Out In The Shower Has Us Distracted

He's gonna poke someone's eye out with that thing, or do some type of damage you may not be able to come back from.. You'll enjoy it though.