His wife called me. He's DL

What would you do if you were messing with a guy and his wife called?  Don't know?  Well Rod is here to tell you what he did when it happened to him.  Take a look a the video below.  Was his reaction too much or too little? 

This Vintage Video of Wrestler Booker T Being Interviewed Has Us D'Stracted

Mean Gene Okerland is perhaps one of the greatest interviewers of all time.  Especially for having to put up with all the nonsense and spit he got hit with over the years.  Booker T managed to let the N Word slips here in addition to almost slipping out of that costume.  Those spandex draws seem a little too thin.  

Straight Couple Gives Gay Men Advice on Having Straight Friends

Recently the team over at "The Experts" answered a letter from a gay viewer asking for advice on acquiring and having straight friends.   Navigating the waters of friendship can be tricky after coming out to your straight friends.  Some of them are more accepting of others and like hair, you may lose a few. 

95 Year Old Grandmother Gets Gay Exotic Dancer For Her Birthday

This is the type of senior I want to be, because If I make it to 95 I want a stripper too.  Foget a cake.  I'm trying to avoid diabetes on every level possible.  Back to the video though, Grams has got the moves, because she is going 8 count to 8 count with the dancer.

This Video of Safaree Working Out Has Us D'Stracted

Some people go to the gym to work out and some people go to the gym to show off.  Safaree is obviously one of those people that goes to show off and show out!  How is one supposed to stay focused when that thing is just resting on his leg like that.  You're interrupting my cardio session bruh.

Watch: A Prince And A Farmer Fall In Love In Gay Animated Tale "Promised Land"

In a Kingdom where all are considered equal, regardless of what they look like or who they love, 'Promised Land' is a fairytale about friendship, responsibility, adventure and love.

Written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris, the book features 32 stunning illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old. Narrated by Geraldine Brophy and composed by Tane Upjohn-Beatson.

Video: Guy With His Cheeks Out Wants To Know Why Guys Always Have Their Cheeks Out

Here's one way to get instagram famous.  

Apple celebrates same-sex marriage in beautiful new iPhone X Commercial

Apple is celebrating same-sex marriage in their latest iPhone X ad.

The company’s ad champions marriage equality and the touching new commercial celebrates love in all forms.

The advert, titled First Dance, has been released to the Australian market where same-sex marriage was made legal last December.

AS CNET reports, the advert – shot entirely on the iPhone X – captured the first ceremonies in the country.

UFC Fighter Mike Perry Attempts to Pull His Opponents Pants Down During Weigh In

If he wanted to sneak a peek at what Max Griffin was working with he probably should have just asked.  Weigh ins and the UFC never disappoint.  Mike Perry is known for pulling stunts, now he's pulling pants.  We can't blame him though Max is fine. 

These Guys Twerking and Dancing In The Gym Have Us Distracted

If Planet Fitness and Gold's Gym were popping like this all the time you would never have to worry about anyone skipping leg day.  The best part about this video besides the muscles is they are actually on beat.  There is nothing worse than a guy trying to dance and can't find the rhythm.