Video: 4 Straight Guys Jump Gay Man, And He Ends Up Beating All Of Them

One day folks are gonna learn not to mess with gay men and not to mistake being attracted to the same sex as a sign of weakness.  If you mess with us, you too can catch these hands.  

Oh He Can SING SING. Kash Dinero Sings Gospel Song "Encourage Yourself"

Ok Kash we see you!  We hear you too.  When someone showed me this video I was like

Check it out below. 

#WarrantDick Kash Dinero Says His Jack'd Date Was Arrested While They Were F**king

As a rule, people with warrants usually have the best d*ck.  This also goes for people on house arrest and guys who still live with their mother.  

They also usually live VERY FAR away so we totally relate to having to drive almost out of state.  

Everyone has a jack'd story.

My Gay Best Friend Got Me Pregnant

A Tennessee woman asked her gay best friend to be her son's godfather, but now she's accusing him of getting her pregnant.

Gay Man Confronts Homophobic Street Preacher “Is God Gone Save You When I Punch Yo Face?”

You got to watch what you say and who you say it around because not everyone is here for your nonsense.  

Gay Short Film "Keeping Love A Secret" Follows A Man's Coming Out Story

YBN Entertainment Presents... "Keeping Love A Secret" FILM follows Morris on his journey of finding himself, with help with his boyfriend Carey, He finds the courage to come as gay to his mother and also reveal deep dark secrets that changed his life forever.

Homophobic Man Gets His Face Busted Up After Calling Gay Man A "F*ggot" On A NYC Bus

Don't let your mouth get you into something your hands can't get you out of. 

Video of Blac Chyna's Ex Ferrari Strokin His Meat On Live Leaks

A while ago we posted just the screencaps because that's all we had but looks like someone came through clutch because the video has finally surfaced.  I didn't think he was all that cute to be honest and I still don't but I can see why Blac Chyna had him around.  That thing looks dangerous.  


This Video of Keiynan Lonsdale Dancing With His Meat Swinging Has Us Distracted

Someone has def been feeling themselves lately.  First he posts a near naked picture of himself and now this.  We're not complaining though. 

A Chinese-Black Gay Couple Talks About Racism In The Community

Oliver is from Jiangxi, China, and Joseph is from Memphis, Tennessee. They've been together for 11 years. Here they share thoughts on racism and sexual stereotypes.