Gay Couple Appears On Divorce Court "I Need The Kanye To My Kim"

Tamarac has a few demands from his fiancé.
-"Match his fly"
-"Pop with flavor" and "drip sauce"
-"Be my Kanye to my Kim"

You can always count on the fam to put on a good show. 

This Barber Prefers To Cut Hair With His Cheeks Out

I honestly don't care how you're dressed as long as my shape up turns out nice.  This does seem a bit extreme though.  Guess its not different than the barber that likes to twerk and strip.  Maybe he lost a bet.  We're not complaining though!  

Watch: Classmates Cheer As Two Guys Become Valentines

There is still hope in the world.  This is South Africa so this is brave as hell.  Wish I had this type of courage.  

Tarek Ali Asks: Who Comes First, Your Bestfriend of Your Boyfriend?

There can be only one!  Relationships can be hard enough and equally different are managing the relationships that came before your partner.  When you get a new boo, those who were once your main priority can sometimes feel left out.  

Twins Talk Coming Out, Growing Up Gay In Jamaica

Craig & Carey talk about their experiences growing up gay in Jamaica. Now 30 and living in NYC, they discuss how life is different for them, and what they have learned.

Video: Gay Couple Fights Off Attackers In Mall

Lesbian Couple Experiences The Complete Cycle of A Relationship in Short Film "Motions"

Two women meet, fall in love, and go through all the motions of a relationship in a brief amount of time.  Dedicated to all the lesbians who keep U-Haul in business. 

This is the first film written, directed and produced by Skyy, the author of the popular "Choices" book series.