These Guys Twerking and Dancing In The Gym Have Us Distracted

If Planet Fitness and Gold's Gym were popping like this all the time you would never have to worry about anyone skipping leg day.  The best part about this video besides the muscles is they are actually on beat.  There is nothing worse than a guy trying to dance and can't find the rhythm.  

Father Evolves From “I’d Disown [My Gay Son]” to “I’m Sorry. I Love You, Son.”

As a child, Cesar Pina overheard his father say he would disown any of his kids if they were gay. After a dramatic coming out experience at a family dinner, Cesar did come out. Months later, though, his father expressed his support for and gave an apology to his gay son.

Grandma Forces Gay Teen To Come Out To Family One At A Time

Jawann's grandma maliciously forced him to come out to his entire family one at a time, enjoying his discomfort. 

The Dancing Barber is Back Giving Lap Dances

At this point you're coming to the barbershop to get a free show.  I wonder how long the wait is for a shape up though.  Does he cut hair in between songs or does he dance in between hair cuts.  This stuff ain't going down at Hair Cuttery!

Man Says "Black Women Hate Me For Loving Black Men"

Is there a divide between black women and black gay men?  Rob seems to think so.  He says black women hate him or loving black men.

Being Black, Gay and Mormon

It's difficult being any one of these things on there own, but to be Black, Gay and Mormon is a whole different ballgame.  Watch as Chey shares his unique journey of life, love and acceptance. 

Video Shows Inmates Holding Prison Beauty Pageant

Well this was creative. 

Video: Vinny Watson Catches Deven Hubbard Coming Out Of The Shower

I'm not going to speculate like everyone else does that these two may or may not be together.  We don't care.  I've never recorded any of my ex's, currents, or friends coming out of the shower but thats just me.  I also don't have a bathroom that looks like that so I really have no reason to.  Now if Deven was the new Old Spice deodorant person I might switch from Degree, but until then.  

Watch: Adonis UnderWear Ad Starring Milan Christopher

They feel like they're barely there!  Because they are.  

Gay Couple Appears On Divorce Court "I Need The Kanye To My Kim"

Tamarac has a few demands from his fiancé.
-"Match his fly"
-"Pop with flavor" and "drip sauce"
-"Be my Kanye to my Kim"

You can always count on the fam to put on a good show.