This Guy's Tongue Game Has Us Distracted

Tattoos, cornrows and a crazy tongue game...?  He's nothing but trouble!  Trust me on this ya'll.

Video: Mom Catches Her Son Wearing Her "Good Wig" and Dress, It Doesn't End Well

The good news is, she didn't seem upset (or surprised) that her son was wearing a wig and a dress, the bad news is, everybody knows not to mess with mom's expensive stuff.  She don't care if you mess up the cheap stuff she owns, but you messing up her good wig is grounds for an ass whipping.

First Male Cheerleader Makes His NFL Debut

Jesse Hernandez is making history.

The 25-year-old Maurice native is the first male to be named a cheerleader in the NFL, making his debut with the New Orleans Saintsations on Friday night when the Saints faced off against the Arizona Cardinals.  

Hernandez, who's been dancing since the age of 2, first made headlines after being chosen as a finalist for the squad last spring.

But not all of the publicity has been positive.

Social Media And Obsession With Body Image Led Gay Teen To Seek Unhealthy Validation

Right after coming out as a gay teenager, Kevin Carnell filled up his Tumblr and Instagram with “guys with the chiseled abs, like very muscular. Beautiful, beautiful men.” Thinking that’s what gay men were supposed to be, he developed an unhealthy obsession seeking validation from others which led to a disappointing experience losing his virginity, and a sexual experience that left him feeling used. He soon realized that validation doesn’t come from others, but from within.

Video: That Time Aretha Franklin Sang At A Gay Wedding

Back in 2011 Aretha Franklin serenaded newlyweds Bill White and Bryan Eure after the two were married.

The wedding of the two men and its after-party brought in other famous guets that included Barbara Walters, Joel Grey, Gayle King, former New York governor David Paterson, and former New York City mayor David Dinkins. Aretha performed renditions of “I Will Always Love You,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” and “Respect.” 


Dancer RJ Washington Wants You To Know His Ass Is 100% Real

And if you don't know now you know.  Dancer RJ Washington from the house of Assbundance wants you know his cakes are freshly baked from God's oven.  In a video posted to Facebook where he shakes what his mama gave him he writes:  Niggas say it aint mine, why my thighs still match?  An allusion to Cardi's line in "She Bad" 

New Video: Janet Jackson Featuring Daddy Yankee "Made For Now"

Janet Jackson, Daddy Yankee and a host of dancers from around the globe get a neighborhood dance party started in Jackson’s new video for “Made For Now.”

This Guy Dancing In His Underwear Has Us Distracted

The Good Lawd knew we needed a distraction from the unhappy news that our Aunt Aretha had passed away.  He's not exactly doing the KeKe Challenge but will still allow his entry into the contest.  

How "Got2BReal" Introduced A New Generation To Aretha Franklin Through Laughs and Shade

While Aretha was known to give a shady interveiw or two (check the video below) some of her shadiest moments were courtesy of a youtuber named Patti LaHelle and the webseries "Got2BReal" which parodied Aretha along with some other familar Divas like Whitney, Dionne Warwick, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Maya Angelo and of course Patti Labelle.  While all the impersonations were funny none were shadier than Aretha and her rivalry with Patti Labelle over the course of the series.  

This Video JupiterDaTruth Doing A Three Way Kiss Has Us Feeling Sometype of Way

They say its always better when the homies join in!