Black Gay Movie Star's Life Is Turned Upside Down In "Red Carpet, Hashtags, and Heartbreak"

Get your popcorn ready for "Red Carpet, Hashtags and Heartbreak" a new film written and produced by Davien Harlis. After becoming America’s hearththrob, at the height of his career Dylan Smith (Davien Harlis) is accused of a crime by a scorned lover that he assures the world he is completely innocent of. When social media gets word of Dylan’s crime his life is immediately changed. Morgan (Jody Fulton) and Tori (Markell Williams), Dylan’s best friends, immediately run to his rescue and begin to pick up the pieces.

GAY BLACK PRIVILEGE: Are Gay Blacks Treated Better By Society?

Are gay black men treated better than straight ones? Does gay black privilege exist? Are gay people richer than straight people? Are gay people richer than straight people?

Man Finds The Strength To Come Out As Gay After Twin Comes Out As Trans

Identical twin brothers are now brother and sister, after Jada transitioned into a woman - it was also through watching his sister transition that gave twin brother Miguel the confidence to come out as gay

This Guy Doing The In My Feelings Challenge In A Towel With His Meat Swinging Has Us Distracted

Just when we thought this challenge couldn't get any better.  Forget Keke, this guy is gonna have everybody in their feelings and possibly in the hospital if he comes near you with that thang. 

Gay Man Overcomes Debilitating Anxiety By Prioritizing His Mental Health

After coming out, graduating college and moving to New York City, Joe Ferreira thought he was going to finally be able to live his life to the fullest. Instead, he developed a deep and toxic form of anxiety that nearly took control of his life. Only after hitting a wall did Joe finally seek what he needed from the beginning - professional help.

Guy Gets Caught Cheating and Gets Kicked Out Of The House Naked

Cheaters never win, but they do run. 

Guy Does Keke Challenge While His Friend Waters The Grass With No Clothes On

I could care less if Keke loves Drake but if this is what the Keke challenge is gonna produce we are all here for it. 

Watch: Jason Lee Kisses Bobby Lytes On Latest Episode of Wild 'N Out

Thing got hot and heavy on the set of Wild N Out when Bobby Lytes and Jason Lee stepped on to the mics and things ended with a kiss. 

Take Me To Wakanda: They Call Him Black Tarzan

We were also thinking of going with Jermaine of the Jungle but at second glance it looked problematic.  Either way we wouldn't mind swinging from his tree. 

"Who Chopped Me?!" Fight Almost Breaks Out At Ball When This Girl Got Chopped

This literally is every ball ever.  Somebody gets chopped and they wanted to know who what when where and why.  Sometimes you just have to take the L sis.  She said not today though!