Lil Booties Matter

Is bigger always better?  Depends on who you ask.  

Markeith Rivers Posts Full Video Of Him Smashing The Dude He Outed That Tried To Kill Him

"DL Detective" Markeith Rivers already confirmed that he will continue exposing down low men, he also alerted everyone that he would expose guy who tried to end his life and he’s asking you for help to call the police to get him off the streets.

Rivers claims that Tony Lamar Carthran is the person who robbed and shot him. Carthran was previous featured in a video Rivers posted online. But only a snippet.

Under the picture under another name Rivers made the comment: 

These Guys Popping And Twerking Have Us Distracted

What better way to celebrate hump day than with a few guys we'd like to hump.  Hey is that the freaky barber in there too?  Looks like there is something for everyone in this vid.  

Video: Antigay Gospel Singer Kim Burrell "I Ain't Thinking Bout Ellen, I've Been Getting Rich!"

Kim "Laryngitis Realness" Burrell says she hasn't been hiding since being dragged across social media for being homophobic, she's out here getting rich.  In a new video via Allen Lynn Wayne Burrell appears to be speaking to a large group of 5 people, who turned out to support the outcast singer. 

Burrell referred to "the perverted homosexual spirit" during a sermon at a church in Houston, Texas last year.

Video: The History Of Queer Dance

The revolutionary history of ball culture in the LGBTQ community is not just about fabulous dance styles. It's a profound intersection of sexuality, race, and gender nonconforming individuals defiantly living their truth in a safe, celebratory space. A group of iconic dancers and a young boy represent this fierce array of queer choreography in a story about the ongoing struggle to freely express your pride. 

Soccer Player Thomas Toure's Cakes and Meat Slide Out During Match

Accidents happen don't they?  It can be hard to keep it all together during a soccer match, and sometimes its harder to keep your clothes on.  Poor Thomas Toure had a real challenge keeping it all together and in his pants in a match not too long ago.  If you want to see more of Thomas he plays for the Ivory Coast team, the Angers.  

This Guy Sagging Walking Around Walmart Has Us Distracted

Whoever recorded this is a lil creepy but doing the Lawd's work.  This is why we don't have a problem with sagging.  If you gonna show it off we want to watch.  And what better place than Walmart.  If there were guys flashing us everytime we went into Walmart I probably would shop there more often.  Towards the end of the video you can see ole girl is like..."there's something going on here".

When You Compliment His Haircut But Zoom In On His Cakes

Is his line up sharp? Yes, looks like somebody owns a few Bevel products.  Were we focused on his cakes and how his underwear matched his outfit.  Yes, yes we did.   

Gay Man Assualted On Livestream After Outing DL Man He Gave Some Sloppy Toppy

Via MTO:  A DRAMATIC VIDEO was uploaded on Live yesterday, showing an altercation between two men - over allegations that the two men SLEPT TOGETHER!!

It all started when a man named "James" told the entire hood that he had relations with a respected street dude, named "Peter".

The street dude ("Peter") attacked James while he was sleeping .

But despite the beating, James stuck with his story . He sounds VERY convincing.

The video has gone viral, with people asking - is James telling the truth?

This Guy Twerking Has Us Distracted

If you're gonna distract someone this is the way to do it.