Gay Couple Says Fighting Keeps Them From Getting Married On "Divorce Court Before The Vows"

Tamaric and Cedric’s constant fighting are keeping them from walking down the aisle. Tamaric says he caught Cedric cheating on him and no longer trusts him. Cedric says Tamaric needs to change his attitude and stop trying to control him. Can Judge Lynn Toler help this couple say their “I Do’s”?

This Model Spanking Himself During A Painting Class Has Us Distracted

So I've been to a painting class before but there were no muscles, no nudity and no meat and cheeks.  This is something I need to do.  I don't know how much painting I would actually get done, but I'm sure I would have a good time.  Everyone in the room looks like they are having the BEST time.  I wish model number 2 was in focus a little more but the spanking is what really did it for us. 

Gucci Mane's Meat Slides Out On Instagram

Brrr.  We are gonna ignore the outfit, although it does look nice on him and he looks great since he lost all that weight.  We're really wondering why he doesn't have on underwear because those shorts don't look like they would feel comfortable enough to free ball in.  Underwear would have also prevented his lil friend from poking its head out to say hello.  

Gay Short Film "Friends First" Blurs The Lines Between Friends and Lovers

Mason and Trenton arrive in South Africa for their mission trip. They experience their first day out on the town. But the friendship is no ordinary friendship and there relationship gets tested. Prelude to Season 3 of About Him.

Gay men share their first experience of homophobia

Gay men share the first time they realised they were gay, their first time experiencing homophobia, and the first time they held hands in public with a man.

Dog Offers Relief While Gay Man Grieves Loss Of Partner

While grieving the loss of his partner of eighteen years, Ladislao Loera could barely take care of himself and used most of his energy to care for his dog and two cats. One day, during a particularly low moment, his dog Rizzo decided to return the favor.

Why Weren't We Invited To This Parade of Thickness?

I don't know where this is, or what the occasion is, I just wanna be there. 

Lena Waithe Dedicates MTV Movie Award To Stars of "Paris Is Burning"

Honoree Lena Waithe accepts the MTV Trailblazer Award onstage during the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 16, 2018 in Santa Monica, Calif.

Last night (June 18), actress Lena Waithe accepted the Trailblazer Award at the 27th annual MTV Movie & TV Awards. However, rather than remarking about her own work, she paid tribute to those who have paved the way for her do so.

He's Talking About Flip Flops But All We Saw Was His Meat Print

At first we were like, what is the point of this video.  Like who really cares this much about flip fl.. oooooooooooooh!  Well that was a nice surprise.  

Unacceptable: Gays Fighting Girls Fighting Transwomen

We have all got to do better.