Rotimi aka Dre From Power On Instagram Thirst Trapping

Rotimi was causing plenty of trouble last night on the first episode of the new season of Power as Dre.  He was also causing hearts to melt on Instagram with a shirtless video he posted right before the new episode premiered.  We watch Power for its great story telling yes, but we watch for Omari and now Rotimi.

Rapper DayLyt Says He Thinks 6ix9ine Is Cute "I Don't Want To F*ck Him Tho"

Ummm ok...  We don't think 6ix9ine is cute or f*ckable so we're neither offended nor intrigued.  But the heart wants what the heart wants.  

Daylyt sat down for another interview with VladTV, and this time around he shared his thoughts on Tekashi 6ix9ine, who he called "cute," adding that he's not attracted to him, but wishes that the Brooklyn rapper could be around him all the time. Daylyt went on to compare Tekashi to a Leprechaun and a magical fairy, adding that he believes Tekashi and Peter Pan are close.

Married Couple Karlos and Kris Play Truth or Drink And It's Hilarious

This is the adult version of truth or dare and of course its way more fun.  Kris and Karlos's response to some of the questions are all of us, and downright hilarious.  

Deigo Barros Working Out With His Meat On Brick Part 1

This is why you can't go to the gym with everybody.  There's a guy in the gym I go to that acts just like this, but he has a butta face so no one really cares.  

Gay Couple Appears On Episode of "Cheaters", It Doesn't End Well

To be fair, no episode of "Cheaters" ever ends well.  This one in particular didn't.  I've seen this go down before, there were just no cameras rolling.  Were they together or naw tho? 

Bystanders Record As Gay Couple Gets It On With Window Open

Everybody Mad! O.T. Genesis Posts Video of His Gym Progress

It wasn't until Beyonce's Coachella performance that I realized who O.T. Genesis was.  He gained a lot of new fans after she danced to a mix of his song "Everybody Mad" and "Diva".  She also danced to "Cut It" during the Mrs Carter World Tour so Bey must be a fan as well.  Fresh off his new fame Genesis has been in the gym and it shows.

Just Because: Pheonix Fellington And Friends

Gay Couple Says Fighting Keeps Them From Getting Married On "Divorce Court Before The Vows"

Tamaric and Cedric’s constant fighting are keeping them from walking down the aisle. Tamaric says he caught Cedric cheating on him and no longer trusts him. Cedric says Tamaric needs to change his attitude and stop trying to control him. Can Judge Lynn Toler help this couple say their “I Do’s”?

This Model Spanking Himself During A Painting Class Has Us Distracted

So I've been to a painting class before but there were no muscles, no nudity and no meat and cheeks.  This is something I need to do.  I don't know how much painting I would actually get done, but I'm sure I would have a good time.  Everyone in the room looks like they are having the BEST time.  I wish model number 2 was in focus a little more but the spanking is what really did it for us.