When Pranking Goes Wrong: Girls Pranks Boyfriend Saying She's A Lesbian, Finds Out He's Gay

This is why you can't prank everybody.  Sometimes people laugh and sometimes they hit you with a truth bomb you weren't ready for.  

Man Beats Up His Friend? Ex? While He's Still On The Toilet

We added question marks because we don't know whats going on here.  What we do know is people normally only stand in a bathroom while the other person is taking a dump if they are in love or used to be.  I've been mad enough to want to hit a few folks but not mad enough to do it while they are still sh*tting.  And why didn't ole boy wash his hands or wipe? 

Short Film "Buzzed" Tackles Toxic Masculinity In The Black Barbershop

Via Paper Magazine: 

Male Dancer In Heels Shuts Down Pole Dancing Convention

He wasn't playing any games.  The other guy that did the backflip was pretty good too but the guy in the heels was showing out.  

Tyra Sanchez Points Out Drag Race Double Standard After Eureka Caught Using The N-Word

Tyra Sanchez is not going away quietly.  The winner of Drag Race Season 2 is back and pointing out a glaring difference in the way black queens and white queens get treated in the drag world.  In her post she writes:

Dear Drag Race Fans Chapter VI,

Pointing out this double standard within this Drag Race Community yet again. Before I begin Eureka this is NOT an attack on you. I’m simply using you as one example of many. Now I don’t know how old this video is, but it was just brought to my attention and I wouldn’t be Tyra if I didn’t say something about it. 

Actor Sterling K Brown Thirst Trapping On Instagram For New Movie

As if we needed another reason to watch This Is Us. Sterling K Brown is out here looking like a whole five course meal.  In a promo for his new movie Hotel Artemis, he shows up on instagram in nothing but a towel.  Sadly there wasn't a shirtless scene of him in Black Panther but this will have to do.  

Video:Gay, black and HIV positive: America's hidden epidemic

If you are a black, gay man in America, your risk of contracting HIV is one in two. Leah Green travels to Atlanta, Georgia, which has the largest gay and black community in the country. She finds out how stigma, education and structural racism continue to feed into this startling statistic.

This Guy Walking Through The Grocery Store With His Cakes Out Has Us Distracted

Cakes On Aisle 7, Cakes on Aisle 7!

This Guy Walking Around On The Beach Has Us Distracted

If your summer body is not where you think it needs to be its time to get it there.  

This Guy Making A Smoothie With His Meat Swinging Has Us Distracted

See, if the guy at the Smoothie King up the street from me looked like this, I'd be slimmer and on a smoothie and dick diet.  I'm not completely sold that the smoothie he is making is tasty at all but I think once we got it down we wouldn't care.