Fan Makes Video Of All The NSFW Scenes From Signal 23 Shows and We Are Living

Whether people watch About HIm and the rest for the drama or the boys or all three is still up for debate, but what is not going to be debated is that the scenes border on stuff you search for after midnight on myvidster.  These scenes may not be the total reason for signal 23's success but they helped.  Blessings up to whoever made this compilation. 

"I'm Not Gay!" Comedy Team Shows Straight Guys In the Gayest of Situations

With friends like these who needs Jack'd.  I personally don't take offense to No Homo though I do think it plays into tropes and toxic masculinity.  However.  Funny is funny and this made us laugh.

Watch: Krave Black, Gio, and Justen Ruff Star in New Gay Webseries "Homie, Lover, Friend"

Written and Directed by Lyrik London.Story of a trouble maker Meechie, on his quest to fix his life, and explore his curiosities about his sexuality.

Tarek Ali Talks Being American, Black and Gay in Paris

After spending half a year living and going to school in Paris, I am here to answer the 3 biggest questions I keep receiving about my experience. I was completely HONEST in this video and went over SO MUCH! comment and let me know what you thought + your favorite part.

Latest Episode of MTV's Decoded Discusses Racism In The Gay Community

When it comes to dating the word “preferences” is often used to mask discrimination and sadly, this kind of dating racism isn’t just for straight people! So how does racism manifest in the world of gay dating apps and LGBTQ relationships?

Video: In Richard Pryor's First Stand Up Act He Talks About Having Sex With Men

Even though Richard Pryor isn't here to defend himself against allegiations that he had sex with Marlon Brando, is first stand up routine pretty much solidifies that Quincy Jones was tellling the truth.  The jokes start around the 14 minute mark.  During his set Pryor says: 

“Never f*ck a f*ggot,” he says, “because they lie. They always say ‘I won’t tell.’ They lie. They can’t wait ’til you finish f*cking them. ‘Guess who was here, honey?’”

He also talks about performing oral sex on other dudes.

Father Would Rather His Son “Be a Murderer in Jail” Than Be Gay.

When Lucas Mendieta's father found out he was gay, he ended up threatening him verbally and physically. After running away, Lucas found his way to New York City where he started his own successful business and after several years actually introduced his boyfriend to his father.