Webseries "Ghosts of Fort Greene" Uncovers The Dark Secrets Brothers Keep

Hop (Bry'nt) and Skip (William Perry) are boys since middle school in this story about friendship. After witnessing a murder in their neighborhood and haunted by their own individual personal baggage, dark secrets are revealed as they each come to view the other with new eyes as they try to survive together on the streets of Fort Greene.

directed x lamont pierré
written x lamont pierré and geno brooks

Gay Web Series "The Uglies" Turns No Fats No Fems Upside Down

Ballroom Throwbacks TV aka BRTBTV is back with another home run.  We've been looking forward to this since they first introduced it as a concept a couple of years ago.  The first episode does not disappoint.  From the series notes:

Love Turns Deadly In New Gay Web Series "Twenty20"

The local students of TxSU endure many trials and tribulations. Whether Blind or 20/20 Vision. The fact that remains is that Love is Blind... Hindsight is Twenty20...

"L.I.T" creator Corey Knott is back with another hit on his hands.  


Vonte Harden

Web Series "Red Skin" Examines Dysfunctional and Violent Gay Relationships

The wild and womanizing Santana and the brooding Kaleb are a twosome who each are addicted to the highs and lows of a turbulent love. Each are operating at an emotional deficit -- looking to fill a void in the other -- all while their friends and acquaintances speculate and watch subversively from the sidelines. Will this volatile couple -- in love but addicted to dysfunction -- be able to survive each other, go their separate ways to save themselves or will they ultimately, tragically (and maybe poetically) crash and burn -- together?