Mural of Topless Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Appears And We Have Questions

You ever have a really bad idea and no one is there to stop you so you do it and later have to hear about how bad of an idea it was.  This is that moment.  We're still trying to find out where this peice is exactly but wherever it is, the property value is depreciating as we type.  The mural seems to be the work of Claudia La Blanca who has other works online.  

This is why you can't let everybody lead the movement.

Who commissioned this?

Where are her friends?

We weren't the only one's not pleased:

Professional Mourner Will Cry and "Jump In The Grave" For $1000 At Your Loved One's Funeral

Some people want to really be missed when it comes to their funerals - they demand tears! So that's when professional mourner Sylvester Ricardo Moss could potentially step in. In a now viral Facebook post, the Nassu native revealed his prices, and the internet is screaming. 

While crying on demand isn't something that everyone can do, it's hard to imagine why anyone would be willing to pay someone to do it at their funeral. I think most of us - even if you're hoping for an Addams Family funeral - would think that our loved ones will be crying anyway.

Gay Man Kicked Out Of Vegas Pool Party For Wearing A Speedo

A Las Vegas pool party kicked out a gay man for his choice of swimwear on Sunday (5 August).

Chris Donohoe took to Facebook on Monday (6 August) to post a video about the incident at the Encore Beach Club.

He wrote in the caption of the video: ‘Yesterday I was kicked out of the Encore Beach Club for being gay.

Uber Driver Kicks Gay Couple Out On The Highway After They Kiss

A Houston couple said an Uber driver dropped them off on the feeder road after they gave each other a kiss inside the car. The couple believes they were targeted because they’re gay. 

Randall Magill, 28, and his fiancé Jose Chavez, 26, were engaged earlier this month in the Dominican Republic. The couple said they were attending a holiday get together at a friend’s home. 

They said they had been drinking and wanted to be responsible, so got an Uber. They allege everything was fine, until they went in for a kiss. 

Rapper Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison Over Violent Lyrics In Cocaine Case

Dallas-based rapper NaNa was sentenced to 12 years in prison based on his “violent” lyrics. The problem is, NaNa was charged for a nonviolent crime.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn gave NaNa – whose real name is Nykees Earl Campbell – the 12-year sentence on July 18, Dallas News reports. Judge Lynn used his lyrics as references to crimes the rapper was suspected of committing. “You’re bragging about shooting a person,” Judge Lynn said in court. “It’s violence times 10 at every phase.”

Man Arrested For Nude Yoga At Planet Fitness Says "I Thought This Was A Judgement Free Zone"

A Massachusetts man has been charged with stretching the spirit of the Planet Fitness “judgement free zone” slogan after allegedly stripping at the front desk of a gym and exercising in the nude.

Eric M. Stagno, 34, of Haverhill, Mass., was charged with indecent exposure, lewdness and disorderly conduct after police responded to the gym in nearby Plaistow, N.H., according to local media reports.

Gay Eyewitness Describes Murder Suspect As "Tall, Black, Buff With Dreads"

Not sure if this is how I would describe someone who was holding me hostage.  This is why CNN should vet witness statements before they go on the air.  

Dollar General Clerk Calls Police On Black Woman Trying To Use Coupon

Dollar General is conducting an investigation after a cashier called the police on a black customer using store coupons, accusing her of “trying to take advantage of the system.”

On Wednesday, teacher Madonna Wilburn of Buffalo, New York was trying to purchase $30 worth of groceries with digital coupons when the clerk, whom she identified as manager Ken Dudek, got frustrated. Wilburn captured the tense exchange in a Facebook video with 1.7K shares and more than 1,600 comments. 

Black Models at Miami Swim Week Told "No Afros and We Don't Need Anymore Black Models"

Racism?  In the fashion industry? Never!  It appears that the progressive strides the world of fashion has been taking over the past few years by "attempting" to be more diverse are is merely lip service as these models say they were turned away and discriminated against while going on casting calls for Miami Swim Week.  Take a look at the video below. 

Man Suffers Ruptured Airway After Giving Man With Big Meat Head

The story of a 19-year-old who ruptured his airway giving dome to a Grindr hookup has broken the internet.

Chicago’s Fredy Alanis rushed to the emergency room (ER) earlier this year after the horror incident.

But last week he tweeted about the incident and has since gone viral.

‘Excuse the bad angle but remember when I sucked a hulk sized d*ck and ended up in the ER afterwards LMFAO never forget,’ Alanis wrote on Twitter.