Buddist Monk Found At Gay Orgy With Bottle of Holy Water Filled With Lube

He was there to lay hands, just not in the places for prayer. A LEAKED sex tape shows a prominent Buddhist monk taking part in a drug-fuelled gay orgy at a temple in Taiwan.

Kai Hung, who has been filmed in three explicit clips taking drugs and having sex with different men, was arrested during a police raid on Chongfo Temple.

Kai Hung, 29, is recorded saying "do you want more", "I love my husband" and "my husband is super amazing" in one of the clips released by a local news outlet.

Video Game Lets Player Kill Jews, Minorities and LGBT People To Save Donald Trump

hristopher Cantwell, the white supremacist infamous for his role in last year's far-right rally in Charlottesville, is one of the key promoters of a Neo-Nazi video game that allows users to slaughter gay men, Jews, other minorities and journalists.

Angry Goy II, available to download on the website for Cantwell's Radical Agenda podcast, allows users to play as Cantwell or fellow alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer in order to save President Donald Trump, who has been kidnapped by “left-wing terrorists.”

Pastor Antonio Rocquemore Under Fire For Telling Gay Parishioner To "Go Home And Put On Man Clothes"

So the next time your gay friend/child/cousin/aunt/uncle declines your invitation to church, you'll know why.  Its things like this that kept and keep me from entering anyone's church.

Video Credit: Larry Reid Live

Chicago pastor Antonio Rocquemore asked Antwan Haywood to go home and put on man clothes.  What would you do? 

4 Year Old Girl Gang Raped In Hopsital ICU While Being Treated For Snake Bite

Police in India are investigating claims that a four-year-old girl was gang-raped by five men while she was in intensive care at hospital.

The girl told her grandmother that a hospital attendant and four others attacked her while she was alone on Saturday night.

Mahesh Srivastava, a police official in the northern city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh state, said officers had already arrested one suspect – who was now in custody – and were searching for the others. 

Detectives have also requested the hospital release its CCTV footage to them. 

‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Who Claims to Cure Gays Found Looking For Dates On Gay Dating App

Via TruthWins Out: 

White Teachers Dress Up As Border Wall and Latino Stereotypes For Halloween

The superintendent of the Middleton School District apologized Friday after at least a dozen teachers dressed up as pieces of a border wall and Mexican stereotypes for Halloween.

The teachers at Heights Elementary dressed as the "wall" posed behind large cardboard pieces painted to look like bricks, with "Make America Great Again" spelled out in red-white-and-blue letters. Others donned brightly colored ponchos and sombreros, or mariachi garb. One woman posing in the picture appears to have written MEXICAN in capital letters across the brim of her sombrero.

Friends Say Dylan Hafertepen Killed Jack Chapman and 2 Other Gay Men With His "Ball Inflation Fetish"


The death of Jack "Tank" Chapman has been surrounded by mystery but some internet slueths say his death was no accident, it was murder! In posts to Kiwi Farms, and Tumblr friends shed light on Dylan's private life as a "master" in the BSDM scene and how 3 of his former lovers all died under similar circumstances.  

First up Tumblr user BLIBBLOBBLIB writes: 

Woman Quits Job, Moves In With Her Pastor Boyfriend Only To Find Out He's Engaged

Be careful what you pray for.  An Ohio bishop is under fire after a woman accused him of allegedly manipulating her into quitting her job days before she found out he was engaged to another woman.

Andrea Garrison took to Facebook to blast Bishop Victor Couzens — senior pastor at the Inspirational Baptist Church – City of Destiny in Forest Park, OH — who she says was carrying on an affair with her and another woman, which she only found out after Couzens announced his engagement on social media. According to Garrison, she was allegedly supposed to move in with him on October 24.

Delusional Ex Gays and Trans March To Show Jesus "Delivered" Them

Umm ok.  People will literally celebrate anything, and what better than with a lie.  

A group of people who claim to be former ‘homosexuals’ and ‘transgenders‘ will take to the streets Los Angeles to show Jesus changed them. They want to show that people can stop being LGBTI.

The Freedom March is a collective of people who claim to no longer be LGBTI. Their second ever march is happening on 4 November.

Poll: Trump Supporters Believe Straight White Men Face More Discrimination Than Gays and Minorities

We thought this was a joke at first, but its not.  Via The Hill:

People who voted for President Trump say men are more discriminated against than LGBTQ people, most minorities and women, according to a new poll.

The survey from YouGov and The Economist found that 49 percent of people who voted for Trump said they believed men face either “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of discrimination in America. Forty-one percent of the president's supporters said LGBTQ people face a similar amount of discrimination.