Man Escapes Jail Time After Biting The Ear Of A Guy For "Looking At His Genitals"

Martin Gallagher, 28, targeted his 20-year-old victim after accusing him of looking at his genitals in the mens’ toilets. 

The unnamed man has been left permanently disfigured after his ordeal, at Digital nightclub in Newcastle, in May last year. 

He desperately insisted he hadn’t been looking at Gallagher’s groin and tried to defend himself. 

But Gallagher, from Gateshead, erupted in fury, sinking his teeth into the victim’s ear and ripping part of it clean off. 

Paul McCartney Says He and John Lennon Masturbated Together With Friends

Paul McCartney has given new meaning to “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

The music legend regaled writer Chris Heath in GQ with a story about how he, John Lennon and some of their friends masturbated together before the pair became world-famous members of the Beatles.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon were apparently inspired by actress Bridget Bardot when they were friends growing up together in Liverpool.
Discussing their early days, McCartney talked about how the group bonded. And it was, uh, fascinating. 

Student 6 Credits Away From Graduating Kicked Out Of Christian College For Being Gay

Citing "biblical truths," a college is defending its decision to kick out a student who was six credits shy of graduating due to his sexual orientation.

Gary Campbell, 35, was set to finish his degree at Clarks Summit University in Pennsylvania when school officials last month told him he no longer was welcome to attend.

Gay Prison Gang Called "Rainbow Warriors" Fights Neo Nazis Behind Bars

Things are tougher on the inside.  In prison a gay gang called the "Rainbow Warriors" fight for survival against Neo Nazis.  Via Vice:

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When I first came to prison, I didn’t know how I should act. I was a gay man, convicted of a sex crime. We’ve all heard the horror stories. But I had one thing going for me: I was big, weighing in at 310 pounds, a fair amount of which was muscle. For the most part, other inmates left me alone.

Man Asks If He Should Keep Sleeping With His Married Step Brother

We've got some advice for you, your first mistake was messing around with your step brother, your second was asking Steve Harvey for relationship advice.  A popular segment on Steve Harvey's radio morning show is called the Strawberry Letters. During the segment Steve and one of his co hosts Shirley answer relationship questions and give out advice.  Today they posted a letter from a guy who wanted to know if he should keep fucking his married step-brother.

Dear Steve and Shirley, 

Man Slices His Friends Penis For Hanging Out With Other People

A JEALOUS friend slashed his friend's penis with a knife when he began to socialise with other people.

Wayne Buxton went for his pal Steven Sealy, who had come to visit him but went to an upstairs flat.

The 46-year-old had known Mr Sealy for years, and the pair had also live together.

But after the row in September last year, Buxton is now banned from contacting Mr Sealy.

After Mr Sealy went upstairs to visit other people, Buxton pulled a knife on him and slashed his penis, armpit and finger.

Flyer For DL Labor Day Freak Party Bans Darkskin Bottoms

What in the colorism is this?  Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate Black Gay Pride in Atlanta this pops up.  At least they were handing out condoms.  We really don't want to know why they banned melinated bottoms or how dark is too dark.  What if you were darkskin and verse?  What if you showed up and decided to top for the first hour and bottom until?  What if the open bar ran out of liquor?  

Man Hospitalized After Setting His Nikes On Fire While Still Wearing Them

This is how we imagine all those saying they'll be protesting Nike are behaving.  This is not how it works!  This is not how any of this works...

Safaree And His Anaconda Sign Multi Million Dollar Deal With Adult Toy Company

While his ex Nicki Minaj may be having the worst week of her career Safaree is doing ok.  Via TMZ:

Safaree's putting his third leg to work ... and it's paying off BIG time.  The anaconda Nicki Minaj was allegedly obsessed with -- on and off for 12 years landed Safaree a 7-figure deal with one of the top  toy makers, Doc Johnson ... which proudly boasts of its 40 years in the quality, hand-crafted toy game.

DC Young Fly's Alleged D*ck Pic Leaks

The internet detectives are saying the tatts match so it must be him.  Celebs stay sending their pics out just like the rest of us we suppose.  Maybe he sent them to Azelia Banks and she leaked them as revenge for his comments about her on Wild N Out. Anyway, about that meat...its decent.  

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