Man Says Police Texted Him A Picture Of His Rapist Dead Body

FORT GREENE – An alleged victim of sexual assault says he received a photograph of his attacker’s dead body.

The sender: the NYPD Special Victims Division detective responsible for his case.

Motions filed in the murder trial of David Keegan Riotto Haigh, who is accused of murder in the stabbing death of James Koron Johnson after the two met on a gay hookup app last April, question the NYPD’s handling of both Haigh’s murder case and a sexual assault complaint against Johnson filed a week before his death.

Fine Men Who Eat It Like Groceries Hashtag Goes Viral On Twitter

Since Craigslist took down there personals section, people have still been finding ways to hookup.  What better place than where sliding into DM's originiated, Twitter.  Just recently, #FineMenThatEatAss began trending and its the gift that keeps on giving.  

Pastor Tells Men Not To Masturbate Because Its Gay Sex

A notorious internet pastor has warned men not to masturbate because it’s “sex with a man” and that’s gay.

High school football coach and internet pastor ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire, who has a surreal online following, made the comments on his ‘Pass the Salt’ livestream. 

You’ve just got to say no to it, as hard as it is. If you’re very honest about it, masturbation is homosexuality.

“You’re having sex with a man. You’re putting images of a woman in your mind, but you’re having sex with a man.

This Teachers Behind Has Got Us Facing Forward

Just fail me now because I'm not learning anything in this class.  He's the type of teacher that would make you fail a class just so you could take his class again.  

Congressional Candidate Becomes First Politician To Advertise on Pornhub

Benjamin Thomas Wolf is meeting the voters where they are.  

The Democratic congressional candidate for Illinois’ Fifth District spent part of his day at a senior center, playing bingo and courting elderly voters ahead of the March 20 special election.

But Wolf’s other campaign activity that day was much more… adult.

Wolf placed a campaign ad on Pornhub this week, becoming the first political candidate to ever advertise on a porn site.

“We are going where young voters are,” Wolf told Observer.

Study Claims Eating Junk Food May Cause Homosexuality or Make You Transgender

A self-published “study” claims that eating too many fatty foods can cause homosexuality or make you transgender.

Author Rita Strakosha, who says she has “an M.P.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Albanian University”, sent the 56-page document to PinkNews after self-publishing it as an e-book on Amazon. 
In the document, which she has also put up for free on her website, attempts to link homosexuality to an unhealthy diet.

Anti Gay Adulterous Pastor Jamal Bryant Presents: The Gospel From Wakanda Sermon Series

This is why when people ask me where my church home is I say "I carry the Lord in my heart, I don't need a church" or "Bedside Baptist"  

Video:Gay Dudes Fight After Guy Tells His Ex's Boyfriend They Smashed, and Might Do It Again!

He hit him with one of those Killer Instinct 15 piece combos.  I mean I don't know what you thought was gonna happen when you tell somebody you used to smash their boyfriend and ya'll might smash again while you sitting next to them.  You might have to catch some hands bruh, somebody is gonna put paws on you. "His name is tattooed on my chest" that took me out!