For $80 This Atlanta Barber Will Cut Your Hair Completely Naked

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 14:32

All we ever wanted was a barber that wasn't homophobic that had a working Netflix account but this seems like a lot more fun. Its hard to find a good barber and finding a hard barber is good to find?  Most guys worry about their barber's meat brushing up against their legs when getting their hair cut but thats not whats going on here.  Brandon Carrington is an Atlanta fully licensed barber that will give you fresh cut, and he'll do it without any clothes on if you like.  According to a flyer that has now gone viral he also offers free shots, barber oil rub down, in addition to a trim. 

While the videos posted to his instagram are pretty tame, some of his clients get a lil freaky in some of the videos he posted to twitter and we can only imagine whats on that onlyfans page. 

We encourage entrepreneurship so we're not gonna knock anyone's hustle, you've got to get creative to get clients coming back so if this works for him we're all for it. We are sure there are a few business majors wishing they had thought of this first.  We're about to hit the gym and invest in some salon products. Check out some of his work below. 

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