For $80 An Hour App Will Send Someone To Cuddle With You

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 00:10

There are a lot of things I would spend $80 dollars on.  I just don't know if this is one of them.  Does it come with dinner and a movie? has released a video to raise awareness around theloneliness that’s felt by so many people and yet never discussed. A lack of non-sexual touch can create a feeling of loneliness for anyone, but this especially affects the queer community.

The video shows a typical cuddling session, immediately bringing the viewer into the intimate, safe space of cuddling. The viewer can see the power of touch and the healing that can take place through human connection and being fully present for another human. Cuddling sessions happen in a safe space with clear boundaries and consent.

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