Artist Opens Tattoo Shop That Specializes In Anime Tats

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 13:18

Well we know what we're getting for Black Friday!  A tattoo!  Earlier this year tattoo artist PNut says he was homeless after his home burned down.  Instead counting himself out, he picked himself up.  He sold his entire anime collection in order to purchase his studio and its opening on Dec 7.  After he tweeted photos of his new shop and his dream, he quickly went viral.  

"Hey twitter sold all my anime shit to buy my first anime tattoo shop... I’m located in down town Dallas Texas .. opening day is dec 7Th I hope this goes viral so I can start my anime collect over !"

He went on to share some of the struggles it took to get here in an emotional instagram post:

"ANNOUNCEMENT...... I’ve work my ass off this year......from my house burning down to sleeping in cars to tatting our traps... I’m very proud to announce I’m put my deposit down on my shop.. it’s in East dallas by deep ellum. I will have 8 amazing artist! I am hiring a piercer and shop hand still but! I wanna welcome your Guys to 1 UP Ink!"

Many have praised his work, and he's already got some high profile clients such as breakout R&B star Summer Walker.  Check out some of his work below!

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