BET's Boomerang Gay Love Scene Started Off With "I Haven't Eaten" And We Feel Seen

Submitted by Take Out on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 22:20

So we're not gonna lie, we haven't been watching Boomerang.  We know, we know!  We heard it was good, we know Lena Waith and Lala from instagram are involved, we were just gonna stream it when all the episodes were out.  Now we might have to tune in every week because this is the realist we've ever seen gay love/like played out on TV. 

If a/your bottom/vers/vers-bottom/vers-top has not eaten, and they tell you haven't eaten, and they say they aren't hungry.  They want the D.

Its one thing to clean your self out to ensure there will not be a mess, its another thing to not eat!

You need food to live! If he hasn't eaten he is putting you're dick and wellbeing above his own.  Give him the D.

BET we're gonna tune in.  Clearly there are some LGBTQ people in the writers room and you now have our attention.

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