Brandy Thee Vocal Bible Is Back With New Album "B7"

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With her first album in eight years Brandy is back with "B7" and its a love letter to R&B and old Brandy.  If you're a fan of Full Moon, Afrodisiac Never Say Never, you're in luck.  Brandy's vocals melt over the production and soft beats.  

In an interview with Billboard She says her favorite song on the album, “Borderline,” channels “Angel in Disguise” from her 1998 LP Never Say Never, while on “Unconditional Oceans” she experiments more with electro-soul beats. Lyrically, Brandy owns the phrase “Baby Mama” on her collaboration with Chance the Rapper; apologizes for her longest musical hiatus to date on opening track “Saving All My Love” (“Sorry for my tardy/ Long time/ I was broken-hearted,” she sings); and confronts her mental health issues head on in the aptly titled “Bye Bipolar.”

Favorite Track: High Heels Feat Sy'rai Smith (Brandy's daughter) She has Brandy's whole throat! Brandy rapping?  Ok! 

01. Saving All My Love
02. Unconditional Oceans
03. Rather Be
04. All My Life, Pt. 1
05. Lucid Dreams
06. Borderline
07. No Tomorrow
08. Say Something
09. All My Life, Pt. 2
10. I am More
11. High Heels (Brandy & Sy’rai)
12. Baby Mama (feat. Chance the Rapper)
13. All My Life
14. Love Again (Brandy & Daniel Caesar)
15. Bye Bipolar

The Brandy B7 album is her 7th album release. This will be her first album release since 2012’s Two Eleven.

Listen to the Brandy B7 album below:

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