BreedItRaw Will No Longer Feature Condomless Scenes, New Name Coming

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 19:49

First tumblr and now this!  In a move that can only be described as controversal, Black Rayne of Breeditraw announced today that moving foward all models in all scene will feature condom use in an effort to promote safer sex practices among black a latinx gay men.  

In addition to wearing condoms models will also be shown taking PrEP, and storylines will include getting tested regularly for STDs, as well as someone finding out they may have been exposed to HIV.

"I really want to move the company in a new, more responsible direction." Rayne said in a twitter post early today. "We have an obligation as one of the largest companies producing content to show realistic scenes and not just models getting banged in a rented AirBnB."

He also hinted that a new name was in the works.

"I haven't decided yet but I have a few options that I'll run by the fans"

Fans of the site were not to pleased after hearing the news.  One person responded saying.  "If I want to see safe sex I'll watch a youtube webseries!"

Another person wrote "This is that politically correct BS! We don't watch for reality we watch for the fantasy!"

Others applauded the decision.  "In the real world people still use condoms and condom usage is actually higher among African American gay men than any other group, but we are still more likely to get HIV or an STD.  This is a great step in the right direction."

We here at Aazios have supported them thus far and we will continue to support.  This story is developing.

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