Chris Brown To Start Wearing Bodycam To Prevent Future False Allegations

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 01/22/2019 - 19:33

Chris Brown has reportedly began wearing a bodycam which which capture his actions 24/7 after being detained by police in Paris and accused of aggravated rape and drug offenses.  He and two others were later released but an investigation continues, a judicial source close to the investigation told news outlets.

A statement on Brown’s Instagram account denied the allegations, and called them false.

Friends close to Brown say he had decided to start wearing a body cam constantly to protect him and brand from future false allegations.

"This Paris thing really messed with his head because he's been trying to live right and get his life together, not only for himself but for his daughter and his fans" a close friend says.

Brown has also reportedly hired a full time cameraman to follow him around in case the bodycam fails.

The Associated Press, citing two anonymous police officials, said the 29-year-old singer was detained Monday along with his bodyguard and one other person after a woman accused Brown of raping her in a hotel room last week.

Sources could not immediately confirm the report. Judicial police can generally hold someone for 24 hours, although an extension can be sought for more serious charges.

A highly placed judicial source said that "the police detention of Chris Brown and two other persons brought into police custody on accusation of aggravated rape and drug related charges has been lifted tonight," and the three people were released.

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