Comedian Jess Hilarious Apologizes After Calling Gay Fan On Instagram A F*ggot

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 02/05/2019 - 13:31

Jess Hilarious wasn't so funny yesterday and the LGBT community is calling for her cancellation. The Baltimore native clapped back at a fan and called the person a “f*ggot” via an Instagram comment under one of the shaderoom's post where Jess often frequents. 

A Twitter user pointed out Jess Hilarious responding to an IG comment that to be fair, threw some shade her way and instead of going for the usual funny response, the funnywoman went for the proverbial jugular.

Jess responded to the dragging she’s been suffering since the exchange went down, but it doesn’t seem as if she’s understanding the gravity of the situation.

“Yesterday I called a young man a “f*ggot” For disrespecting me. And for that, to the LGBT community I sincerely apologize. However if I feel disrespected and that someone hit below the belt, whether they are gay or not, I’m going to return the same energy. I’m trying to control my anger at this point in my career By being more positive, but just like anybody else, it’s a growing process,” Jess wrote in a caption for an Instagram video explaining her response.

Check out the apology below.

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