Country Clerk Forced To Publicly Apologize To Gay Couple After She Denied Their Marriage Licence

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 04/11/2019 - 11:56

You know, two gay guys, in the middle of nowhere, we got support that we didn't know was here," said Thomas Hurd.

It's been about 8 months since Dylan Toften and Thomas Hurd were denied a marriage license by the Town of Root clerk Sherrie Eriksen.

At Wednesday's public meeting, Eriksen apologized.

"I'm sorry for any harm or inconvenience my actions caused the couple," she said.

The couple originally shared the incident on Facebook, calling Eriksen a bigot, and their post went viral, even catching the attention of Governor Cuomo, who opened an investigation.

The town's attorney told CBS6 that Eriksen denied the request because the couple didn't have an appointment, but also admits she cited her religious beliefs as well.

The town has now reached a $25,000 settlement with Hurd and Toften, and terms included a public statement be made by Eriksen.

"She did acknowledge that there was an injustice done, and she's vowed to make sure it doesn't happen again, and that's what this was all about," Hurd said.

"It is my responsibility to provide marriage licenses to all couples, regardless of sex or sexual orientation," said Eriksen.

Hurd and Toften say they're proud to stand up for marriage equality, and they hope the road will be easier now for others, no matter who they love.

"If we had never stood our ground, how many more people would've had to go through this?" Toften said.

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