Designer Saul Nash's Ad For His Fall 2021 Collection Features A Gay Couple Kissing

Submitted by Marathon on Sun, 06/27/2021 - 18:38

Saul Nash presented his first season since graduating from Fashion East. Titled “Twist,” his collection and film for fall 2021 told the designer’s personal story of growing up gay in northeast London and what it means to stay true to oneself, expressed through choreography and activewear-influenced contemporary men’s wear.

The designer, himself a professional choreographer, has been developing a unique way of cutting based body movement. This season he applied it to streetwear, employing high-tech materials that insulate the body with mesh yet allow the skin to breathe. Highlights from the collection include shell suits that bring a different structure to the body, and organic cotton fleece looks that “add a new luxurious yet functional dimension to the collection.”

On top of conveying strong emotions, the film used closeups allowing buyers to better see different functions and details of the garment. “It’s important to experience every aspect of the clothing. Movement is naturally inherent to the garments so I think this is a crucial element in demonstrating what the clothes have been designed to do,” Nash said.

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