Exclusive: Chino Blac Talks Losing His Job, Competitiveness In The Industry and How Black Performers Are Condemned

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Last week we broke news about Chino Blac being outed at his new job after retiring from making adult films.  We caught up with Chino over the weekend to find out how he was dealing with the aftermath and what his next moves would be.

Aazios: Of course everyone wants to know if you know who outed you to your job?

Chino: So, I DO know the culprit, it was a former co worker in which we were going for the same job. I don't want to disclose to much information but the job was in the field of dance. 

Aazios: Do you know what this person's motive was?

Chino: Back in the day, I used to beat this particular person at competitions alot and I've literally booked jobs over him. So I'm assuming this was his way of eliminating the competition.  Although I hate he did it, I can only blame myself because I knew and still know the stigmatization the adult entertainment industry comes with. 

Aazios: You should still be able to move on with your life, regardless of what you've done in the past.  How are you feeling?

Chino: What I don't understand is why people seem to be so malicious and competitive as if there isn't room for everyone to shine. In the LGBT community we have got to stop pulling each other down in hopes that we may prosper. In the end you can never truly prosper when you play with ill intent. Honestly, NOW, I'm not mad nor am I hurt. I would say I'm confused, but I'm not. I hate to say it but I expect this from the African American gay community. 

Aazios: Could you talk a little bit more about the negativity you've experienced?

Chino: Everyday we indulge in negative information about someone because it's the hottest tea as they say. We indulge in ripping eachother apart on social media. We scrutiniz and demarginalize ourselves with toxic and harmful behavior. We spread lies quicker than we want to spread the truth. I'm just sick of the Onlyfans and porn witch hunt that happens every single day. The adult entertainment industry is a multibillion dollar industry, you know why? Because EVERYONE indulges. Here you have individuals that are trying to entertain YOU for YOUR pleasure, but yet people watch us in private while condemning us in public. I could be completely wrong but, on the caucasian side, you see them celebrated. Their platforms grow larger everyday meanwhile the African American entertainers have to start new social media every other day because we are getting reported, OUR own always make it a point of reference to tear us down. They send shit to our jobs, they bash us, make threads about us. Rip us apart and I ask for what? What this situation literally has taught me is that no matter what I will prosper and continue to prosper.

Aazios: What do you think needs to change for entertainers of color to experience that same level of success?

Chino: I wish we would literally let each other prosper and be the change we want to see in our own community. Hey, you're not into sex work, I get it, but why knock someone who is? Everyone's hustle is different and I'm sorry sex work is very lucrative and could be alot more lucrative if people stopped trying to stop our hustles. If you indulge, cool if you don't, why cock block?  I honestly feel like alot of the hate stems from people not being brave enough to do what we do. They want to, but they are afraid. Instead of celebrating others doing it, they tear you down because of they can't. Everything is everything. 

Aazios: So whats next, did you lose the job and if so what is your next move?

Chino: I had plans on retiring particularly for this job, now that the job is gone, I'm not sure what my next move is. I'm currently working on a couple projects with Dior Jordan (@diorjordan) . We will be in the studio at the end of this month recording some tracks so I'm excited about that. I'm moving to the west coast soon and I'm also excited about that. So I may have had a knock back but shit like this doesn't phase me. I have a fighting spirit so in my head by any means necessary.

We wish Chino the best in all his new endeavours.

Shout out to @akimsniff for the exclusive!



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