Father and Daughter Arrested On Incest Charges After Sisters Fight Over Father

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Two people in St. Paul were arrested on suspicion of incest following an investigation by police.

The Grand Island Police Department said Travis Fieldgrove, 39, and Samantha Kershner, 21, are accused of being in an intimate relationship despite the fact that they are father and daughter.

Police said the relationship wasn't initially intimate, saying Kershner wanted to find out who her father was at about age 17. Police say her mother introduced her to Fieldgrove, who she identified as Kershner's father.

GIPD said an intimate relationship began in September 2018 in Grand Island.

Evidence leading up to the arrest suggests that Fieldgrove and Kershner were aware of the biological relationship before being intimate, and they quickly married one another when they found out their relationship was being investigated.

Court documents say DNA testing indicated that the probability that Fieldgrove is Kershner's father is 99.999 percent.

In a later interview with police, court documents say Kershner said her motivation to have sex with her father stemmed from a "jealous competition with her half-sister" regarding who could have sex with their father, Fieldgrove, first.

Both were taken to the Hall County Jail pending bond on incest charges, a Class III Felony.

The two are also wanted in Adams County on more incest charges after police said they got married at the Adams County Courthouse in Hastings on Oct. 1.

Warrants were issued on Wednesday for incest charges, which will likely be put on hold until the Hall County cases are resolved.

Marriage licensing requirements at the Adams County Courthouse indicate that both parties applying for a certificate must provide the full names and birth places of their parents before being approved. However, court documents indicate that Fieldgrove was not listed on Kershner's birth certificate. Court houses also no longer require blood testing in the state prior to getting married.

Source: https://nebraska.tv/news/local/police-arrest-st-paul-couple-on-incest-charges

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