First African American Woman To Graduate From The US Army Range Thanks Her Girlfriend

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 14:41

29-year-old Janina Simmons is the first black female soldier to graduate from Ranger School. The Sergeant 1st Class completed the course on Friday, 26 April, passing on the first try.

‘I’m excited. It’s surreal,’ Simmons told ConnectingVets. ‘I’m humbled to be here… 62 days of training and I made it the first time through.’

According to ConnectingVets, about 34% of Ranger candidates must repeat at least one phase in the three-phase course.

Simmons, who is based in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, took to Facebook to let the world know she did not do this alone. It was her girlfriend that gave her the support she needed to meet this milestone.

‘She stuck with me and was more than supportive,’ Simmons wrote, sharing a picture of her with her girlfriend at graduation. ‘I didn’t do that, WE did that.’

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