Gay Man Brags About Attending Party At Fire Island Even Though He Had Covid-19

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Via Dailymail:Photos and videos of large crowds gathering on New York’s Fire Island over the July 4 weekend are drawing the ire of hundreds on social media.

Officers from the Suffolk County Police Department were called to the beach in Fire Island Pines twice on Saturday regarding reports of a large number of people failing to social distance or wear face coverings as they partied in the sand.

Numerous videos have since been shared across Twitter and Instagram documenting the troubling scenes at the popular vacation spot, showing cohorts of dwellers stood closely together without masks on.

Suffolk County police said officers walked through the gathering and reminded people to social distance, however no citations were issued.

One attendee, Corey Hannon, even bragged on social media that he had recently contracted COVID-19, but, after only quarantining himself for eight days, he decided to flock to the beach party regardless.

In a since deleted Instagram post, Hannon is heard saying in the video: ‘You know what, I did have COVID. Everyone knows I had COVID, and you know what I did? I sat in my f***ing bedroom and quarantined myself for eight f***ing days. And suffered through COVID. And now I’m out celebrating. So go f*** yourselves. I hope all of you get f***ing COVID, you nasty, nasty trolls.

The 27-year-old New Yorker detailed his alleged battle with coronavirus often on Facebook in the days before his trip to Fire Island.

On June 30, he wrote, ‘Random as hell but feeling grateful! 11:18 p.m. Day 7 and my body has decided it is done with COVID-10 [sic]. Praying I wake up tomorrow with this good feeling and it’s not just a tease.’

Three days later, on July 3, Hannon uploaded a list of essentials he was packing to take to Fire Island, writing: ‘All ready to get the f*** out of the city to Fired Island to celebrate the f***ed up thing we call America.’

Just a day afterwards, Hannon shared on Facebook that he was starting to feel sick again, remarking ‘F*** you, Miss Rona. I thought I was cured,’ accompanied by several crying face emojis. All of the posts have since been deleted.

Another of the attendees of the party, identified as Giancarlo Albanese, uploaded an image to his public Instagram page celebrating his apparent defiance of state social distancing guidelines.

‘F*** your mask. F*** your social distancing. F*** your vaccine. F*** your eugenics,’ Albanese wrote. ‘Kiss my a**hole if you think Im an a**.’ 

In a statement to on Sunday, Hannon apologized for his comments and actions, insisting he would ‘never maliciously hurt someone.’

‘Spending the beginning of my 2020 homeless to now living in a beautiful apartment in Hells Kitchen, I’m not some privileged, arrogant, uneducated person. I’m a very well educated, humble, passionate human being who made a poor choice and for that I am sorry.’

Hannon added that he’d claimed to have had COVID-19 on social media because he was reportedly told by his physician that he ‘most likely had it’.

‘I chose to be on the safe side and live and act as if I had it. When the symptoms subsided so rapidly, I began to think maybe I didn’t. I made a mistake and now realize I should’ve stayed in longer.

‘I am still not feeling any symptoms and have not since last Wednesday. When I posted that I wasn’t feeling well, while on the beach, it wasn’t a COVID symptom. I was simply not feeling well from the heat. After being severely dehydrated from Covid mixed with 90 degree heat, it didn’t settle well,’ he continued.

The gathering Hannon attended was one of several on Fire Island reported on social media Saturday. Other images showed dozens gathered during what appeared to be a house party on the Island on Saturday night.

In the image, shared by Vega on Facebook, none of the attendees are wearing masks and stood closely together with some even with their arms around one another.

Long Island, once deemed a major hot spot for coronavirus, is currently in Phases 3 of the state’s reopening plan and county officials are currently gearing up to implement phase 4 on Wednesday.

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