Gay Man Claims Rapper Sage The Gemini Flew Him Out And They "Had Fun"

Submitted by Take Out on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 14:15

Hazel Eyed Rapper Sage The Gemini recently did an Instagram Live video and  the comment section lit up when a man claimed Sage had flew him out last year and they had a good time.  

Instagram user @thenoahbodies commented during Sage's live saying "When are you flying me out again, I had fun with you last year"  

He also posted a photo on May 8th that seems to confirm he had spent time with a rapper. The caption says "that time a rapper slid in your inbox"

Reactions ranged from "Sit your thirsty ass down and f*ck in private" to "he out here messing it up for the rest of us"  and some folks believed he was making it all up. "These  boys swear everybody is gay, where are the receipts  sis?"

We've never heard any bi or gay rumors surrounded Sage before, his last public relationship was with singer Jordyn Woods.  

Take a look at the pics below. 

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