Gay Man Dragged On Facebook For Racist Grindr Profile

Submitted by Take Out on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 15:54

Racists are not having a good year.  How you can still find time to be racist during a pandemic is a mystery to us, but people are finding the time.  As gay dating apps makes strides to combat racism by removing ethnicity filters, guys like this one still have racist content in their profiles.  Well some users have had enough and are posting screencaps on line.  

In the conversation posted by Ned Cato Jr he calls a black men "gorillas" and says "you people are not attractive"

It appears his first profile was deleted, but he created a new one with similar rhetoric.

Users also dug up his instagram profile which showed him participating in "whiteout-wednesday" a white nationalist response to "blackout tuesday"

No word yet if Grindr will ban him permanently. 

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