Gay Power Couple Jamal Sims and Octavius Terry-Sims Announce They Are Splitting Up

Submitted by Take Out on Fri, 12/20/2019 - 14:30

NO LAWD!  TAKE MY EX! BRING THESE TWO BACK TOGETHER!  While its not rare for powerful gay men of color to find each other, it is are to see us in such an out and positive light.  We hate to see any relationship break up and this one is no different. 

In joint statements released to social media, Jamal and Octavius Terry-Sims announced they were calling it quits as a couple. In the statement they say:

***PLEASE READ*** We would like to thank each and everyone who has followed myself and @octaviusterry transparent journey over the past 13 years as a couple, and as we solidified our union in marriage in front of 30 million at the 2014 Grammys. Again in our transparent nature, we both would now like to take this time to announce a new chapter of our lives, as it is with mixed emotions that we have both decided to amicably have a conscious uncoupling. As in the beginning of our relationship we will continue to remain the best of friends in love, honor, and support, as we both will now navigate this new chapter as separate individuals. We thank you all for all of your continued support, and hope that support will continue as we promise to remain unapologetically authentic

We do wish them the best on their individual journeys.

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