Impulse DC's "Condom-Con" Combines Awareness With Art, Music, and Cosplay

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From its inception Impluse DC has done things just a little differenlty when it comes to community outreach and awareness.  Its recent "Condom-Con" was no exception, shying away from traditional information sharing methods to provide a truly unique experience.  We reached out to Impluse DC to get some background on the event.


So How did "Condom Con" come to be?

Impluse DC: 

This event was a celebration for International Condom Day in which we celebrate through our organization in conjunction with Aids Healthcare Foundation each year.  This event was held on February 16, 2019 at The Blind Whino which was free to the public.  The Impulse Group DC team devised the idea to provide our LGBTQ+ community an event that the DC area hasn’t seen before.  

This was an opportunity for local vendors to display their businesses, for us to provide interactive and informational games as well as video arcade games that we all grew up loving.  During this event we were able to offer open bar to our patrons as they were treated to multiple live condom demonstrations throughout the night plus the opportunity to be educated on the differences in condoms and lubrications that promote our “Safer is Sexy”  theme.  

Throughout the night, we offered incentivized HIV and STI testing and encouraged everyone to know their status. In addition to that, we held a “Cosplay” competition which allowed anyone dressed in condom inspired costume to compete for a $500 cash prize.


Tell us a litte more about Impulse DC the organization:

Impulse DC:

Impulse Group DC launched in 2015 by Jose Ramos who’s first chapter originated in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. We are an entertainment based organization that focuses on the awareness and stigma that surrounds HIV/AIDS, tackling and providing information around Substance Use and educating those when it comes to Mental Health and the importance of self-love.  We take the unconventional approach not to tell people what they shouldn’t do, but we prep them with the tools to make educational decisions when it comes to sex. The organization is currently lead by its President DeVonte Whitson and the entire Board which works together to inform our community while entertaining them at the same time. It is important to us that we share the knowledge with our community that HIV/AIDS, Substance Use and Mental Health issues are real things and we need to begin to openly talk about these issues so we can help each other defeat these issues out here that are killing us.

We can't wait to see what they come up with next!  Check out some pics from the event below.

Looking for more info on Impulse DC?  Be sure to check them out across the interwebs:

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