Khi Lavene Talks Love, Tyshawn, His New Film and How His Parents Found His Adult Film Career

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Even if you don't know who Khi Lavene is, you know who Khi Lavene is because, you've seen his work.  Since he first hit the scene in 2016 he's racked up millions of views, been featured in several big studio productions and can now add producer to his list of accomplishments.  With his first major production released last week and future films are ready in the works, we caught up with Khi to find out how he went from unknown to the guy who's name is one everyone's lips.

Where are you from?

Nashville TN

Are you out to your parents?

Yes, I'm out to my parents.  They didn't know I did porn, however, until a post of me kissing Kash Dinero went viral on Facebook.

Have any family or friends seen your work?

I have a few cousins that have admitted to seeing my work, lol.  Besides that, I don't think they would really admit it. 

Are you single?

Yes, I'm single, I don't feel like a relationship would be a good move right now in my career.

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How did you get into the industry?

It all happened really fast actually.  I started messing with men in June 2016.  Started doing amateur porn on OnlyFans/Connectpal November 2016.  Black Rayne reached out to me to be in the first Fuck House and in September 2017 I did my first professional scene.  I have since still maintained my Onlyfans/Connectpals, and just about a year later here I am now Co Producing TheFuckHouse2018.

What made you decide to partner with Que for F*ckhouse 2018?

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Black Rayne was the first professional company I worked with because I felt they provided the best quality in urban professional adult films.  I maintained a good relationship with Que over the year after I did my first scene, and when I had an idea for an orgy party on a yacht, me and Que brainstormed and put our ideas together.  10 models later we give you The F*ck House 2018.

How much actual input did you have on The F*ck House?

As Co-Producer I had input on every facet of the production.  From choosing the models, the yacht location, scene match ups, photo shoot looks all they way down to what we ate everyday.  LOL This was my first time producing so I wanted to make sure every I was dotted and every T was crossed.

What did you enjoy most about being a producer on this project?

Being able to see my vision come to life.  A lot of times when you're a model, you pretty much go where the producer tells you to, fuck who they tell you to, and bust a nut when they tell you to.  In doing amateur porn I'm always thinking of new ideas and ways to make my videos better, and I was able to sue a lot of those ideas in The F*ck House 2018.

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Who were you most excited about working with for this project?

I knew most of the models ahead of time.  But I hadn't met Hot Rod yeat and knew he was making a porn comeback so I was most eager to meet him.

Who was responsible for getting Hotrod involved?

HotRod and BlackRayne has had a long-standing good relationship.  So when he reached out to Que, they decided TheF*ckHouse would be a good way to reintroduce himself.

Do you perfer being behind or in front of the camera?

I like the attetionof being a model and the paycheck of being a producer.  LOL

Who haven't you worked with that you'd love to get the opportunity to?

I would love to work with Arvion Kylers.  I love the way he performs and is so damn sexy.

Has onlyfans/connnectpals helped or hurt performers?

I think it has definitely helped performers but has hurt production companies.  With onlyfans performers are now able to make their own money all month long and not just when a porn company calls them to do a scene.  You have control over your videos and control whats put out.  Now I will say it is a lot of work to maintain a good Onlyfans page but, if done correctly, I know some models upwards of $15,000 a month.  

As for Tyshawn Colquitt - How do you feel former adult film stars should prepare for going mainstream?

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I feel like your past is your past.  So you shouldn't have to prepare, because it shouldn't matter.  However, once you're in the spot light and it becomes a big situation like with Tyshawn, I think the best thing to do is OWN IT. It happened, I did it, whats next.

Tyshawn is featured with you in a few scenes What did you think when you heard Tyshawn refer to it as his "dark past" and have you spoken to him since he was eliminated from the Voice.  

I think the negative stigma towards porn is what he was referring to when he said dark past.  Tyshawn is a fun-loving person and, in my opinion, enjoyed his days in amateur porn.  We had fun but he also wanted to persue singing.  And if you ask me he's talented in both areas.  Yes I talk to my baby almost every day.  I was there from him being picked to elimination and I'm by his side now.

What's next for you after this?

Since I've completed The Fuck House this year, I am back focusing on Khi Lavene 100%  My website will launch January 2019, I have my 2019 calendar coming out later this month, I have Khi Lavene merchandise coming out later like underwear, dildo molds and my lighters.  I am also a brand ambassador for  and of course still droppping hot and consistent content on my onlyfans and connectpal page.

Where can your fans find you?  What is your official social media?

Instagram: TheKhiLavene
SnapChat: TheKhiLavene
Facebook: Malakhi Lavene
Tumblr: KalMeMalakhi


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