Lil Boosie Says "Black Women Are Jealous and Evil Towards Black Men Loved By Their Kids"

Submitted by Take Out on Sun, 06/21/2020 - 17:18

Here to make anyone who still supports him feel perpetually stupid, Boosie is back on his soap box just in time for Father's Day and a few days after Juneteenth to slam black women.  In an Instagram post Boosie laments how black women are jealous and evil towards black men who have good relationships with their kids.  

He writes: Thanks for all of the FATHERS DAY wishes everybody !! but truth is I don't have but 2 of my kids on my side for Father's Day n I'm not in a good mood at all. Its just not right how I'm being treated as a father.  It's just SAD.  IT doesn't matter what you do as a father anymore you still we be treated like sh*t.  Black women r so jealous and evil towards black men who r loved by their kids.  I'M BOUT TO GET HIGH OFF THE GARY PATON N GO GET IN MY POOL N CHILL."

We're not going to mention how many kids and baby mothers he has.  That would only make it worse.  

Yes this is the same Boosie who admitted to having grown women sexually assault his sons so they wouldn't turn out gay.

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