"Lord, I've Seen What You've Done For Lauren (and Cameron)" My Prayer For Love After Watching Love Is Blind

Submitted by Take Out on Thu, 03/05/2020 - 12:59

Lord its me again.  You know I hate asking you for stuff, especially when it comes to dating, when there are so many more important things I could be praying about.  However after seeing Lauren and Cameron on Love is Blind, I know you are still in the matchmaking business so here goes.

May they be patient with me.

May they love me in or out of a bonnet and sometimes a durag .

May they look at me and get lost in my eyes.

May they promise to take care of me.

May they buy a house in preparation for my arrival.

May they allow me to be myself and live authentically.

May they allow me the space to grow while encouraging me in all I do.

May they love me for me and who they think I should be.

May they cry when they talk about our love.

May they not ask to share my toothbrush.

May my parents love them.

May they love me and mean it.

May they push me out of my comfort zone.

May I be ready to love.

May I be ready to receive love.

And above all else May I be ready to for them when they arrive.

Lord I see what you’ve done for Lauren and Cameron, Ciara and Russell.

This is my prayer.

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