Man Causes Gas Station To Lose License After Filming OnlyFans Video In Snack Aisle

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A Milwaukee gas station is fighting to keep its business license after an amateur porn star recorded a sex video in the snack aisle. A FOX6 investigation finds the man who shot - and participated in - the video makes money by making sex videos in public places all over the Milwaukee area.

For decades, there's been a gas station at the corner of 35th Street and Townsend in Milwaukee's Roosevelt Grove neighborhood. If Milwaukee alderman Khalif Rainey gets his way, it won't be there for long.

"Under my watch, I won't allow it," the District 7 Alderman told FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn.

In July 2018, a convicted felon turned the gas station into a porn set while the business was open.

"He had nothin' on but a bathrobe!" said Clifton Daly, who lives behind the store.

The video shows Frederick Allen, an aspiring rapper and amateur porn model, having sex in the center aisle.

"Keep in mind, it was right next to the chips, and across from the sunflower seeds," Alderman Rainey said during testimony before the Milwaukee Common Council's licenses committee in July 2019.

Allen is known among his online fans for explicit acts in public places, from shopping malls to movie theaters, public streets even public parks - including Milwaukee's Swing Park. He's made sex videos in fast-food parking lots, inside hospital rooms, on top of car hoods and city rooftops.

"This is something they do all across the city," Rainey said.

"It's like a business!" Frederick Allen said when FOX6 caught up with him outside his house a few blocks from the gas station.

From the looks of Allen's Instagram account, business is booming.

"I get paid every month, like ten thousand." Allen said.
"Ten thousand a month?" FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn asked.
"Ten thousand what?" a FOX6 photographer asked from behind the camera.
"Ten thousand dollars," Allen said.
"A month?" Polcyn asked.
"Mm-hmm," Allen replied.

His exploits have gotten him in trouble before.

In 2017, police identified a 15-year-old girl in one of his videos. Through an open records request, the FOX6 Investigators obtained a copy of a police interview with Allen from that case.

"So what is my charge?" Allen asked the detective.

"Second-degree sexual assault of a child," the detective replied, prompting Allen to slump back into the metal chair.

The charges were later dropped when a witness backed out. Meanwhile, Allen's sex video enterprise appears to be going strong. He has more than 67-thousand subscribers to his 'channel' on the adult website PornHub. His videos on that site alone have more than 100 million views.

"It's a disgusting act," said Emil Ovbiagele, attorney for Kool Petroleum, the company that owns the 35th Hometown gas station. "I'm not going to sanitize this."

Allen's gas station video is especially controversial because of what it showed in the background.

"It was the owner," Rainey said. "He was there. He was watching. He indulged. He didn't pick up the phone. He didn't call the police department."

As Allen engages in an explicit sex act on the floor of the convenience store, Kulwant Dhillon - the gas station owner - can be seen standing behind the glass, watching. One of his employees is also there, recording the sex act with a cell phone.

"The bad choice to allow staff to tape it," said Milele Coggs, District 6 Alderwoman. "That, to me, is just as bad as not calling the police."

City officials might never have known about the video but for one thing. Allen uploaded it to Pornhub with "35th and Townsend" in the video clip's title.

"It was actually a constituent who saw it online and brought it to my attention," Rainey said.

That prompted Rainey to call for the gas station's license to be revoked.

"We can't allow these things to go on in our community," he said.

Last summer, Dhillon told the licenses committee that not calling police was "a mistake," but says he was afraid to call because Allen had threatened him.

"He said, 'If you're going to call the police, I will shoot you and burn your gas station, too,'" Dhillon recounted to the committee.

Allen denies that. And Rainey didn't buy it.

"He was protected by bulletproof glass. So the idea that he was in fear, I take exception to that," Rainey said.

Either way, Dhillon's lawyer says he tried to make good by helping prosecutors in an unrelated case. In August 2018, Allen assaulted a teenage boy after a traffic accident near 35th and Fond du Lac, just blocks from the gas station. After the beating, Allen followed the boy into a corner store.

It just so happens, Dhillon owned that store, too. And he told police what he saw.

"And in that case, you were state's star witness, correct?" Ovbiagele asked Dhillon during testimony.
"Correct," Dhillon said.

At the station's license renewal hearing last July, supporters came to the owner's defense:

"He's the kindest guy, he'll give you anything," one supporter said.
"The guy breaks his back for us in the community," another said.
"He had no control over it,"said Tamika Scott."
"This guy's being destroyed for what somebody else did," said a man who identified himself only as Mr. McCall.

The committee voted to suspend the gas station for 20 days, but when other neighbors got wind of it they signed a petition.

"Once I saw that tape, we want it closed," said John Reid who lives on the street behind the store.

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